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  1. Class 33

    "Clap For Carers" is back again

    Almost 10 months on from when it first started, this week sees the return of "Clap for Carers" every Thursday night at 8pm. What with this returning, the return of a full March/April style national lockdown, the return of the "Stay at Home. Save Lives. Protect the NHS" slogan on the podiums of...
  2. Class 33

    Long term restrictions, lockdowns, etc and the implications on mental health

    Is your mental health suffering as a result of all these seemingly never-ending restrictions, local(or even national in the case of Wales and Northern Ireland at the moment) lockdowns, etc? I've set up a poll. Though you do not need to go into details of how your mental health is suffering if...
  3. Class 33

    GWR 0721 Portsmouth-Cardiff service not calling Bristol Temple Meads from Monday 14th September?

    I was looking up the times of trains to Barry Island for Monday. But upon looking this up I find an unusual itinerary advising me to to change at both Filton Abbey Wood and Cardiff Central. I then discover that the GWR 0721 Portsmouth-Cardiff service from Monday 14th September will not be...
  4. Class 33

    Boris Johnson's address to the nation - Friday 17th July 11am

    Expected to give HUGE Coronavirus announcement. Let's see. Hopefully some good news!
  5. Class 33

    How much longer will social distancing go on for in the UK?

    The longer this "Social distancing" nonsense goes on for, the more and more damage it will continue to do to the UK economy! There's more and more people being made redundant every week, more and more businesses having to close down, and if you're one of the unlucky and growing number of people...
  6. Class 33

    Revealed: plans for schools in England from September 2020

    In follow-up to a post a made the other day about Boris Johnson will announce that social distancing will be scrapped in SCHOOLS when they return in September. I mentioned that this will not be good enough, as social distancing will have to be scrapped everywhere in the UK by then if the UK...
  7. Class 33

    Can you collect pre-booked tickets AFTER the date/time of travel?

    I had made bookings for tomorrow(departing 0853 and 1800). But now not able to travel tomorrow, so amended the tickets for two journeys in early January instead. I received those tickets by post a few days ago. But it says on the tickets they're only valid with the original tickets for Monday...
  8. Class 33

    Why do coach drivers not apologise when services are late?

    I've been on a number of coach services that get heavily delayed enroute and arrive very late at the destinations, i.e. 45 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, and a few extreme examples of about 6 hours! Not once though do I recall on any of these heavily delayed journeys the coach drivers apologising on...
  9. Class 33

    Made seat reservation, but no coach and seat numbers given??

    I booked a trip to Liverpool for a couple of weeks time. When I was booking my ticket it said seat reservations are compulsory for the Newport-Chester leg of the journey. So I chose window airline facing seat. But when I got the confirmation of it, the coach and seat number are not given. It...
  10. Class 33

    Late running GWR services that run non-stop between Bristol and Reading or London

    I usually have a curious look at the live departures board from Bristol Temple Meads on the National Rail website most days to see what's going on and how the trains are running. And I'm always very envious when I spot late running services that miss out the usual stops of Bath, Chippenham and...
  11. Class 33

    Which trains are expected to run the Summer Saturday's 0909 Bristol-Weymouth services this year?

    Last year was expected to be the last year that HST's operated this service. Just wondering which trains are expected to operate it this year?
  12. Class 33

    Weekdays 1826 Truro-London Paddington service

    I was looking on the live departures just now and noticed there is a 2150 service from Bristol(1826 from Truro) to London Paddington. And very interestingly, I note that that the only intermediate stops between Bristol and London are Bath and Reading only. Which route does this take - the...
  13. Class 33

    What if the 0851 South Western Railway Bristol-London Waterloo service is cancelled?

    I have a ticket for the 0851 South Western Railway Bristol-London Waterloo service tomorrow. I'm just wondering though if this service is cancelled - and taking into account the next scheduled direct South Western Railway service to London Waterloo isn't for another 4 hours, would my ticket be...
  14. Class 33

    First Bus M-Ticket app problem - anyone able to help?

    I've been using the First Bus M-Ticket app since October 2016 pretty much without any problems.... until yesterday. As when I goto buy a new batch of tickets(or a single ticket), when I press the Checkout button to proceed to the payment screen, it then comes up with a "Checking Out" message...
  15. Class 33

    Megabus 1600 London-Bristol via Heathrow, Chippenham and Bath

    I'm thinking about booking a journey on this when coming back from London in a couple of weeks. I know it's not the most direct route(journey takes 3 hours 50 minutes!), but it's something different and a change from the "same old same old" London-Bristol coach journey. Is this service...
  16. Class 33

    Which trains are operating the Bristol-Oxford services this weekend?

    I've just noticed there are almost no services running into and out of London Paddington this weekend due to engineering work in the Reading area. I've noticed there are Bristol Temple Meads-Oxford services running this weekend only too. Out of interest which trains will be used on these...
  17. Class 33

    Very interesting services today between London Paddington and Bristol Temple Meads

    Due to some engineering work today, services today calling intermmediently at Swindon only! Running via the Newbury and Trowbridge route, and Chippenham and Bath Spa. Very interesting, and rare for services to run non-stop through Reading in particular! Have never seen any services like these...
  18. Class 33

    HST's working Summer Saturday Bristol-Weymouth services this year?

    Are HST's working one of the Bristol-Weymouth morning service and the return evening service on Summer Saturdays this year? If so what times are they running? It's not mentioned on the frequently requested diagrams thread.
  19. Class 33

    GWR Turbo cascade progress to Bristol region services

    I read a posting on here recently with a link to an official GWR document detailing GWR's upcoming service improvements and changes over the coming year or so. I can't seem to find that posting and document now. But interestingly it did mention that from May 2017 some GWR Turbo's will be...
  20. Class 33

    Are the new faster Bristol-London services still being introduced next year?

    So even though electrification of the Bristol-London line is running about 4 years behind schedule, will the new faster Bristol-London services still be introduced next year, which will include 4 trains per hour between Bristol Temple Meads and London?