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  1. CarrotPie

    Refurbished/Repainted Class 707s + Entering Service

    Thought I'd create a thread to keep track of Southeastern Class 707s being reliveried. List is below, please feel free to post updates on the progress of the repainting and refurbishment. This thread is also a way to track units that have carried passengers in service.
  2. CarrotPie

    Favourite Turbostar

    Following on from my previous Favourite Electrostar thread, what is your favourite Turbostar and why?
  3. CarrotPie

    Powerhouse Scenarios

    A general discussion thread for AP's new Powerhouse software/scenarios. See more here: Are you interested in the scenarios? What are your thoughts on the 99p price?
  4. CarrotPie

    Help with peak-time Kent-Victoria allocations

    I am currently developing some scenarios for Train Simulator 2021, and I was wondering, to increase realism, if someone could help me with the following services: 0644 RAI-VIC 0650 DVP-VIC 0716/0719 RAM/DVP-VIC 0744 RAI-VIC Please could someone help me with the usual unit types, formarions and...
  5. CarrotPie

    Favourite Electrostar

    What is your favourite Electrostar and why?
  6. CarrotPie

    Class 325s

    Does anyone know if the Class 325s are still running and their allocation, routes, diagrams etc? Watched Night Mail yesterday and it got me wondering. All help appreciated.
  7. CarrotPie

    Odd formations

    Does anybody know of any unusual formations of trains (mixed classes or just odd mismatches) caused by accident damage or exams that give the resulting unit a temporary number, e.g. 377165 or 153399? Pictures, numbers and links all welcome.