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  1. james60059

    Stations which have declined/increased in importance

    Ah yes I forgot that one. Rugeley has faired better than Atherstone then in that respect.
  2. james60059

    45015 being scrapped finally.

    Social media users will need another loco now to be the butt of all jokes and memes.....
  3. james60059

    Stations which have declined/increased in importance

    I'd say stations like Atherstone on the Trent Valley has improved which has enjoyed an hourly service since 2007, when prior to that only a handful of trains called. Even then many were bustituted when the WCML upgrade was taking place.
  4. james60059

    XC down from 9 coach to 4, packed and 1st Class not declassified

    Don't forget that a lot of people are too precious about having someone sat near them too and will occupy seats with bags etc. There's been instances of individuals having a bay of 4 to themselves and telling people to stay away.
  5. james60059

    Strangest livery/train combination?

    For me, the early years of privatisation with the combination of new liveries mixed with Intercity branded stock, such as Virgin/Intercity, or even when operators changed their liveries with trains running a mixture of old/new liveries.
  6. james60059

    Freightliner Class 90s Mothballed?

    I think North of Crewe there's also some pretty decent inclines where a single 90 on a box jockey might struggle :smile:
  7. james60059

    Car travel being cheaper than train travel?

    Same situation as me, I live in Hinckley, and work at Bermuda Park - OK both have railway stations but would involve a change at Nuneaton (if only the direct Nottingham - Coventry's were still running :lol:). I work what's called the late shift from 12:30 until 21:30, so for me, the car wins...
  8. james60059

    Are people more reluctant to take a free seat due to Covid?

    There's still a fair few precious people about, bless them. My response would be that if you're that scared of being near others, then stay at home, happened once or twice over the Summer when I was gallavanting about on a rover tickets.
  9. james60059

    Trivia: Quietest stretch of railway with more than 2 tracks

    You could also include maybe the line from Heaton Norris Junction to just before Reddish South which is 3 tracks, although admittedly it does become single track.
  10. james60059

    Policy on connections

    On occasions, Arriva Trains Wales (now Transport for Wales) have usually held the Fishguard Harbour train at Swansea for the incoming GWR service from London Paddington if that was late.
  11. james60059

    Trivia: Quietest stretch of railway with more than 2 tracks

    You could probably argue Barnetby being 4 tracks plus however many sidings, but since freight has decreased dramatically over the last couple of years, maybe 4 tracks is now too much?
  12. james60059

    Cross Country seat reservations

    This "reservations compulsory" is a load of rubbish. Even when XC and LNER were "reservations compulsory", people were still using bought on-the-day tickets and rovers without reserving - I was one of them - and had no issues whatsoever
  13. james60059

    Silverdale Colliery.

    Lovely photo, thank you for sharing :). Thank You everyone for the replies too.
  14. james60059

    Silverdale Colliery.

    Just out of interest, when the colliery (near Stoke-on-Trent) was open, whereabouts did the coal go?, I'm assuming it was power station bound. Got me thinking as there was a North facing chord on the West Coast Mainline at Madeley, apart from Fiddlers Ferry, can't think of any more in that...
  15. james60059

    Are people more reluctant to take a free seat due to Covid?

    Not as good as me, I went on a Class 172 from Nuneaton to Leamington Spa when I did a HofE Rover earlier this year, there was a gentleman, who was occupying a bay of 4 seats - no issue as there was plenty of seats to go round, I sat 2 rows behind and he got up, huffing and puffing, and uttering...
  16. james60059

    How busy have your trains been?

    The trains on my local line (between Nuneaton and Leicester) seem to be having good numbers on them now, especially since CrossCountry reinstated their Pre-Covid timetable earlier this year.
  17. james60059

    Specific trains/services you miss

    Good service that was, used it many times in years gone by connecting from Fishguard Harbour. Changed at Bristol Parkway and back in Coventry for just after 7am. Very convenient and seemed to collect a fair number of punters en-route too 1633882996 Oh yes, there was some varied destinations...
  18. james60059

    TfL rules regarding face coverings and travelling round the Kennington loop

    Just get a green sunflower lanyard. I understand that NO ONE is allowed to question you anyway what your conditions are, as others have mentioned, just saying "I'm exempt" ends the conversation straight away.
  19. james60059

    Petrol panic buying

    I was in Morrisons this afternoon about 1pm, and they were queuing up again, up as far as where the lorries go in making deliveries at the store. It's crazy
  20. james60059

    Petrol panic buying

    Queues on Bond Street in Hinckley earlier, for the Esso garage, so much so an ambulance on blue lights struggled to get through, not helped by some queue jumpers on the wrong side of the road <(