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  1. MalaiseForever

    Munich zones 1-4 to airport

    Hello, I’m wondering if anybody knows this. In the UK you can combine tickets to complete a journey. Is this possible in Germany? I have a valid 3 day ticket for zones 1-4 in Munich. Can I buy a ticket from Zone 4 to the airport and combine them, or do I need a whole new ticket for the airport...
  2. MalaiseForever

    Lack of fast trains from Crewe-Milton Keynes in the morning peak

    Looking up the timetables for travel between CRE-MKC, which I may have to do daily this summer, and much to my surprise the first train is the 0856 which doesn't arrive until 1002. All other options are nearly twice as long or involve multiple changes. Seems ridiculous to me, especially as it...
  3. MalaiseForever

    Manchester Airport - Crewe, via Piccadilly

    Hello, Is anybody able to advise whether an anytime single from MIA-CRE, is valid via MAN? Thanks for any help.
  4. MalaiseForever

    Network Rail Summer Finance Placement

    Hi all, Does anybody here have any experience they would be willing to share on what it is like to work for Network Rail? Currently I am going through the application for the summer finance placement (with a view to a full-time once I graduate from university), I am due to take part in the...