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    Dual availability season ticket - doesn't open barriers at alternative station

    I renewed my Annual Gold Card season ticket into London Terminals with SouthEastern earlier this month, taking up the option of adding an alternative station which is printed on the face of the ticket as "AAA" followed by the station name. The main station is on the Sidcup line and the...
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    Stop short on advance ticket to avoid long wait due to missed connection?

    On Friday evening my wife travelled on a First Class Advance ticket from London Euston to Burton on Trent with a change at Tamworth from VT onto XC. She had a seat reservation for both services. Because of disruption on the WCML (at one point the train was going to be diverted altogether) she...
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    Can a child travel on an ADULT ticket?

    I'm trying to redeem East Coast Rewards for return tickets from Kings Cross to York for myself and the family via the EC website. If I state 2 adults and 2 children the price comes up as £40, but if I state 4 adults the price drops to zero. The children are both infant school age but is there...
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    Can I excess a single ticket for change of origin before travel?

    I'm travelling to Gatwick Airport on Monday morning and have already obtained my ticket through the corporate travel agent used by my employer. The thing is, I would now like to start my journey from one stop further away up the line. I've checked Avantix and the fare is the same, but can my...
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    Printing of restriction codes on the face of tickets

    This is related to the discussions about whether ticket restrictions attaching to particular ticket types/journeys are made sufficiently clear to the average passenger who may not be aware how bafflingly complex the ticketing system is. Some years ago I recall credit-card size tickets used to...
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    Dual availability season tickets on Southeastern

    As a new member may I call upon the expertise of these forums! Can anyone confirm whether it is still possible to obtain an NR only season ticket between Elmstead Woods and London Terminals also available at Mottingham? I'm sure it used to be available but when I tried to obtain one recently...