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  1. eastwestdivide

    Map of first class availability?

    Doing some advance planning for a possible grand tour of the UK, and I wondered if there exists a map showing which routes have first class available in some form. Ideally also showing a distinction between the 1st-lite of operators like SE, and 1st-with-extras of LNER for example. I found the...
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    Mini Frecciarossa trains proposed for Sicily connection

    Just picked up this interesting proposal (in Italian, article from September): Translating the highlights, it says that the preferred solution for new trains to connect Sicily to the Italian mainland is twelve x 4-car Frecciarossa ETR1000 units...
  3. eastwestdivide

    Scenic recommendations for Borders line S from Edinburgh?

    Hopefully I've got a ride on the newly-reopened Borders railway south from Edinburgh coming up. Does anyone have any scenic highlights to look out for, or recommendations on which side of the train to sit? Thanks in advance.
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    Crewe Heritage open or not?

    Anyone know if the Crewe Heritage Centre is open or not? Their website has conflicting reopening dates on different pages, and I've no reply yet from their contact form. Ta. 1626285163 Edit later: Had a reply from them now - not open for a while yet.
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    Northern 150s: /1s west and /2s east?

    Do Northern's 150 sub-classes generally stay /1s west and /2s east? Over the last year or so, stuck in S Yorks, I've noticed no 150/1s at all, only 150/2s (and occasionally 153s, 158s, 195s) on S Yorks local services (i.e. Sheffield-Barnsley line/Doncaster locals/Leeds via moorthorpe stoppers)...
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    Doncaster Iport press release - 6 trains a day

    According to a press release at
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    Medway Council gets funding for Hoo/Sharnal Street station

    Just been looking at the master plan for a lot of housing development around Hoo St Werburgh, as well as the industrial estate + Amazon warehouse by Kingsnorth. The conclusions of the plan are that: and that the new developments would be better served by an increase in the existing 191 bus...
  8. eastwestdivide

    Austrian catering review

    A recent holiday on a 1st-class interrail (not as expensive as it sounds, especially when it includes UK travel and only a €38 supplement for Eurostar) saw me criss-crossing Austria and sampling the on-board at-seat service on the Railjets and also on the Transalpin EC service. They were still...
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    What's in your rucksack? (or wheely case, etc.)

    What essentials do you pack for multi-day trips away from home? For my jaunts round Europe, I have a moderately-sized rucksack - small enough to fit an HST overhead luggage rack, and seen in this pic on a German IC and inside it, a roll-uppable day rucksack for days when I'm out and about but...
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    People (and train) spotting in the South Pennines

    Just for a change, I thought I'd record my trains and times on a gentle day out. A South Pennines Day Ranger (£23 plus a day return from Rotherham-Meadowhall) gave me a day out fairly close to home, and a chance to observe various social groups in all their finery on a fine Saturday. Train 1...
  11. eastwestdivide

    Retro trip report - Peaks, Sinfin and Toton in 1981 (+overnighter, and Summer Sat)

    Apologies for the late write-up, but the forum wasn't invented back then. Day 1 of an E Mids Ranger ticket, Fri 12/6/81. Three Peaks (well three classes of), plus Sinfin and Toton. From Leicester behind 45108 in a Mk1 compartment at 0709 to Derby arrive 0745, passing the prototype HST...
  12. eastwestdivide

    Belgium/Netherlands diversions March-June 2017

    While booking some tickets, I came across some interesting diversions on the B-Europe site at: These include: 1. No rail traffic between Brussels-North and Brussels-Midi from 29 April to 1st May: Thalys will connect Paris, Brussels and the...
  13. eastwestdivide

    DB Europe Sparpreis validity improvement?

    Previously, I was under the impression that DB's international Sparpreis/Spezial offers were only available if you crossed the German border in an IC/ICE. Now, for example, they are offering a €39 Sparpreis from Brussels-Mainz via Liege-Luxembourg-Cochem-Koblenz, on which the only German IC is...
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    Top expresses from 1978 compared to today

    Digging out my 1978 all-line timetable for another thread led me to think about comparing the top expresses from 1978 to today's nearest equivalents. ECML to Edinburgh 1978 1000 KX-Edinburgh arrive 1452 (one stop, Newcastle) Flying Scotsman 2016 1000 KX-Edinburgh arrive 1420 (York...
  15. eastwestdivide

    Suggestions for break of journey Turin-London

    Any interesting suggestions for breaking my planned journey back to the UK from Turin/Torino in May 2016? I'll have travelled out from the UK via Switzerland and Milan, so a stopover in France would possibly be of more interest. I know you can do Turin-London straight through in a day, but at...
  16. eastwestdivide

    Treinreiswinkel - any experiences?

    The Dutch company offers all sorts of rail-based holidays and other things. Has anyone here used them? Got any useful experiences? The website's all in Dutch, but they do look to have some good offers.
  17. eastwestdivide

    Yorkshire to Garmisch-Partenkirchen the long(er) way round

    Thanks to the posters in a previous thread (, I had a plan. Plan A was, starting on a Friday: Yorkshire-London-Brussels (hotel overnight) Brussels-Cologne-Frankfurt-Nuremberg (hotel overnight) DB museum-Nuremberg-Munich-Garmisch for some...
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    DB London Special/Spezial tickets not appearing?

    Just trying to book some tickets back from Germany for September, and the DB site is showing "Unknown tariff abroad" for all dates back from 21 Sep into August. Anyone else finding the same? I successfully booked my outward ticket last week for 17 Sep, so what's happened in the meantime, that...
  19. eastwestdivide

    Benelux mini-trip report

    Just a short report on a trip to Benelux a couple of weeks back. Part 1 Thursday morning, the 0915 from a relaxed Ebbsfleet a little late... dep at 0925. Nearly stopped at Folkestone, into tunnel at 0949. Out at 1109. Lille: long stop, lots getting off, my connection was now a bit doubtful...
  20. eastwestdivide

    Yorkshire to Garmisch-Partenkirchen: where to break journey

    Could I ask for suggestions on somewhere interesting to break my journey (overnight) between Yorkshire and Garmisch-Partenkirchen, probably July/August time? I've already travelled the Rhine S of Koblenz, so I'm keen to try a new route across Germany. Not especially bothered by chasing...