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  1. daddy_badger

    Hull Trains - Trainee Train Driver - Hull (12/11/2021)

    Rejection emails are going out, so keep an eye out.
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    Hi Vis Backpack?

    These have a good name and if I could afford it I'd buy one for my current job.Veto pac
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    Freightliner - Trainee Drivers 2022 - (01/11/21)

    Got excited about this, soon dampened knowing the local depot is over 2 hours away.
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    Address on Application

    Some TOCs allow for relocation, but the rail recruitment is a funny old world. If there were 2 candidates with equal scores and 1 lives locally, it seems that the candidate living closer would have the advantage. Besides that hypothetical statement, lying would make you untrustworthy if you...
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    This is for the Newcastle depot and you can apply Here
  6. daddy_badger

    How many applications and interviews until you cracked it?

    Was nearly successful on my first although company lost the franchise. 10 years have elapsed since then and still applying when vacancies arise in my area.
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    Help answering questions

    Is there any information regarding the role on the TOC website, it is basically asking you why you applied and what has attracted you to the position.
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    Applying for NR position via Indeed

    Is there a reference number with the position as you can log in to your NR account and search for the position with the reference number.
  9. daddy_badger

    Driver opportunities with no requirement on distance

    TPE stated 1 hour to depot on the last driving role they advertised.
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    Annoying television adverts...

    You may find that you get targeted ads, this is moreso with S K Y. Those bamboo undercrackers ad annoys me. Then there is the discreet underwear that's apparently (un)sexy, crikey a bit of leakage will certainly put the dampener on the nocturnal activities. Try talking about fish finger...
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    Trainee freightliner mendip

    Bristol/bath Somerset area of outstanding natural beauty. Been a while since I saw any vacancies for FL. Vacancies can be found CLICK HERE
  12. daddy_badger

    Freight vacancies

    Link to the DC Rail careers page can be found here Vacancies
  13. daddy_badger

    Wedding photos on Yorkshire railway track!

    NR posted this on their Twitter feed some time ago, it formed part of the crossing campaign/trespassing on the line
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    Invite to assessment 2 pending NWR

    How long has the status been like that? Usually its an invite to interview but awaiting confirmation of dates etc...
  15. daddy_badger

    Becoming a Train Driver?

    Here is the link I would be checking each toc/foc careers websites.
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    GTR Questionnaire (GTR-1) for Trainee Train Driver role

    Seems like sjt but this thread may help
  17. daddy_badger

    Advice for a 15 year hoping to become a conductor or driver

    Apprenticeships on the railway is probably the way forward or apply for a platform role and apply within once you gain more life experience.
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    Any trainee train driver job advertisements going anywhere ?

    Yes, but depends where you're located
  19. daddy_badger

    Northern Driver Jobs (Trainee) Hull & York

    Darn 50-55 minutes away, would that be a point blank no?
  20. daddy_badger

    Driver training and second job

    Paternity may well be unpaid, theres some weird rule about being employed for x amount of weeks before being conceived.