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  1. james60059

    Silverdale Colliery.

    Just out of interest, when the colliery (near Stoke-on-Trent) was open, whereabouts did the coal go?, I'm assuming it was power station bound. Got me thinking as there was a North facing chord on the West Coast Mainline at Madeley, apart from Fiddlers Ferry, can't think of any more in that...
  2. james60059

    Three Coach Trains on the NUCKLE.

    Or maybe I've just been lucky on the last 2 Saturdays but are 3 coach services the norm on a Saturday on the service between Nuneaton and Leamington Spa now?. Or is it that some pax are timing their days out to catch the train as opposed to the replacement bus that fills in every alternate hour...
  3. james60059

    3-in-7 East Midlands Rover.

    Monday 7th June. With Nuneaton usually being "base camp" for when I do a Rover or Day Ranger, I made my first trip, well more of a fill in move really to Coventry and back. The 10:16 departure being in the hands of 172004. Arriving in Coventry, I went to look for some refreshments before...
  4. james60059

    West Midlands Day Ranger - 29/05/21.

    First time I've done a Rover of any sort since the pandemic started:. HAULAGES. 10:34 350117 Nuneaton - Rugby. 10:59 350109 + 350236 Rugby - Northampton. 11:37 350236 + 350109 Northampton - Birmingham New Street. 12:50 172006 + 170514 Birmingham New Street - Worcester Foregate Street. 13:41...
  5. james60059

    Spotting in Wales - Post May 17th.

    Hi Folks, Is it OK to start spotting in Wales again? principally Cardiff or Newport?. I'm looking at late May, early June time and used May 17th as a pointer because that's the next stage of lockdown easing. Am I likely to be accosted at Newport or Cardiff taking photo's or number crunching...
  6. james60059

    Trips travelling on (or seeing) the final remaining EMR HSTs

    I'm looking at having a trip on Thursday 6th May, going Leicester - Nottingham - London St. Pancras International - Leicester, (1D43, 1B63, 1D68 respectively).
  7. james60059

    James60059's 2021 Photo/Video Updates.

    Hi Folks, First couple of updates for 2021. For the aviation fans amongst you, a session at Heathrow Airport on 17th April: HERE Gallery features aircraft landing on 09R, the location being about a 20 minute walk from Terminal 5. 23rd April, seen a session at Kilby Bridge Junction, which is...
  8. james60059

    Police move on Plane Enthusiasts

    Courtesy of Birmingham Mail: .
  9. james60059

    Temporary Timetable for NUN - LMS services.

    Courtesy of Coventry Telegraph. Must admit though, the couple of times I've travelled, they have been relatively quiet so maybe a 1tp2h won't be an issue for social distancing etc...
  10. james60059

    Video 125 Driver Eye Views - Changes since they were filmed.

    Hi Folks, Just for a bit of fun really, but can anyone think of any changes that have happened (either infrastructure or rolling stock wise) since a particular drivers eye view was filmed: I'll start off: Title: The Down Fishguard. Route: Swindon - Fishguard Harbour via the GWML. Year Filmed...
  11. james60059

    Spotting at Didcot - Issues?.

    Hi Folks, I'm visiting the Railway Centre tomorrow afternoon, and just wondering if it's OK to go spotting on Didcot Parkway?. I know some stations are OK with it like Nuneaton, but others are still finicky about it. Cheers James
  12. james60059

    Photography on the London Underground.

    Hi Folks, With the current situation, am I likely to get a frosty reception if doing photography on the London Underground?, obviously I'll be wearing my face covering (which ironically is a Central London, Underground map). Has anyone been on the tube lately for photography purposes? Thanks...
  13. james60059

    Old Sidings and Lines between Coventry and Nuneaton - Any Future for them?.

    On a trip to LMS last week, passing the abandoned siding at Bedworth Oil Terminal, they looked really run down and nature is beginning to reclaim the railway part of the terminal. Looks quite surreal considering a decade ago it received at least 4 trains per week (Monday from Port Clarence...
  14. james60059

    Future Trains and Services to look forward to.

    As there's no relevant thread - I couldn't find one anyway, if I've missed it please disregard this one. What future services and rolling stock are people looking forward too riding on?. For me, the main one has to be the GC services starting up from Euston to Blackpool, my intention will be...
  15. james60059

    [23/07/20] Trip to Leamington Spa.

    So this evening, I decided to have a trip to Leamington Spa from Nuneaton, my first trip out on a train since lockdown was eased a number of weeks ago, aiming for the 17:16 departure, I arrived in good time, although the train was already in on Platform 1 as there's a decent turnaround time at...
  16. james60059

    Eddie Stobart Fleet.

    I've tried to see if there's any relevant threads but they're all locked, and a fair few years old so I'll ask here. Does Eddie Stobart still use their wagon and drawbar vehicles, not seen any for a bit so was wondering if they've shelved them for the more conventional artic?.
  17. james60059

    Could SailRail become popular again?.

    With the Covid-19 seriously impacting air travel, could SailRail tickets between the UK and Republic of Ireland, as well as to Europe make a resurgence?. Would customers feel more comfortable travelling by train and ferry than squeezing onto an aircraft?. I know for a time back in 2010, the...
  18. james60059

    Planning on a Rover. Thoughts?.

    I was planning on doing a Rover, Heart of England in 2 weeks time to coincide with annual leave I booked in February. Obviously, things have now changed quite considerably since especially with Covid-19, mostly with TOCs asking not to travel unless absolutely necessary. Now, whilst I am more...
  19. james60059

    Tamworth Troubles (04/06/20)

    Noticed a Voyager (1S43), and a couple of extra XC turbostars on the CDF - NOT axis passing Hinckley earlier whilst waiting to go into Tesco. Looking at the signalling diagrams, 6M57 Lindsey - Kingsbury and 6E54 Kingsbury - Humber have both come to a halt either side of Tamworth Station. There...
  20. james60059

    Covid-19 Hypocrisy.

    My better half's son-in-law has refused to go back to work, even though his place reopened last Monday. He say's that it's unsafe as he will be in an office with one other person. The company in question has invested in PPE and clear screens as to separate them but needless to say he isn't...