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  1. VEP3417

    Sunday 13th February 2022 class 507/508 tour

    saw this on the branch line society page with all the interest in the 313s/315s, could be an interesting tour for people into that class/shape emu just a shame im at the opposite end of the country :lol:
  2. VEP3417

    flush glazing mk2 question

    i bought a lima mk2 to flush glaze, as i had some hornby ones that had already been flush glazed and bought some finecast flush glazing to use on the lima one but on further inspection the hornby and lima coaches have different sized window apertures, the lima ones having a smaller size, but it...
  3. VEP3417

    The Dorset Coast Express 19th august CANCELLED

    just seen on the railway herald website the tour has been cancelled as theres "no steam loco available" which is a shame as i think that was the last tour to come "down this way" i.e past southampton/redbridge for a whilst this year till towards the end of the year anyway :s
  4. VEP3417

    Dorset Coast Statesman 7.8.2021

    will try and get some pics later :)
  5. VEP3417

    The Dorset Coast Express 5th August

    Will try and get some pics as it comes through :)
  6. VEP3417

    2 Railtours to Swanage and Weymouth 31st july

    Ill try and photograph both of them but can only do the "up" trips as busy later in the day :) Steam Dreams Excursion Paddington To Swanage (Steam Dreams) 61306+diesel
  7. VEP3417

    The Dorset Maiden 24/7/2021 The tour is on saturday but as of yet i cant find timings on railway herald or rtt :s
  8. VEP3417

    end of southern steam railtour 9.7.2021

    theres a tour going from waterloo to Yeovil junction then weymouth then back to waterloo on Friday the 9th so ill try and catch some photos of it :) theres also 2 diesel tours on saturday the 10th which ill try and photograph The Dorset Maiden...
  9. VEP3417

    northern belle tribute to the bournemouth belle photos 5.7.2021

    few photos from the other day :)
  10. VEP3417

    the bournemouth express photos 3.7.2021

    few photos from a rainy beaulieu road 8-) was quite good in the rain, gave it a bit more of a steamy effect that you wouldnt get on a normal day 1625328228 :)
  11. VEP3417

    movement from Southall Wcr to Westbury Down T.C. and back 30.6.2021

    seems an interesting movement on rtt from Southall Wcr to Westbury Down T.C. and return, was just a 47/57 light loco for the first part, diddnt catch the number unfortunately but will try and catch the return part of the movement
  12. VEP3417

    "diesel or steam train" from Swanage or Eastleigh and back sunday the 20th june

    there appears to be a train going from swanage to eastleigh and back on sunday the 20th says on rtt diesel/light loco but my friend seems to think its "something" top and tailed by steam locos :?: any idea what it might be and what its doing...
  13. VEP3417

    can you convert a dcc train to run non dcc?

    basically i have no idea about dcc or sound chips or anything like that :lol: but i bought a 73 that has all that fitted but the seller said "There is a DCC chip, but I can't get my ESU unit to read it" (... sound unit?) there appears to be a few little wires not connected to anything so my...
  14. VEP3417

    flying scotsman, london to southampton 6th june saw this is coming up soon, other than the tour website, as of yet i cant see any timings anywhere, not on rtt anyway
  15. VEP3417

    what happened to the old parcel van/bike hire place at brockenhurst station

    went to see a train passing through and was surprised to see the old parcels van/bike hire place had gone, was still there not too long ago i seem to remember, or mabey it went ages ago and i hadnt noticed :lol: any idea what has happened to it? extra photo of the train i went to see :lol:8-)
  16. VEP3417

    southern emu's nse connex ect my kit bashing and scratch building work

    been doing model railways for a long time now but never posted anything, im sort of into the 86/95 ish era give or take and most of my stuff is kit/scratch built or kit bashed, not the best by far but it sort of looks like what its supposed to look like :lol: currently on the go is thumper...
  17. VEP3417

    class 33 from swanage to southall svr 6.3.2020 and return 9.3.2020

    this today, not quite sure what it was doing as it seems to be light loco to and from svr will try and catch the return journey details for the 9th
  18. VEP3417

    railtour from swanage to bristol 5th dec times etc

    saw this coming up soon so will try and catch some photos 4th december empty coaches from southall to swanage 5th swanage to bristol...
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    dorset coast express photos 22.8.2019

    few photos of it passing by :)
  20. VEP3417

    steam dreams tour West Brompton-Weymouth 15.8.2019

    few photos i caught, oddly there wasnt really one at the station, only about 4 people, there was a big crowd last time one stopped