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    London - Edinburgh super off peak restriction

    On the return portion of an Edinburgh to London Terminals SSR, I understand restrictions (1K) apply departing Kings Cross 1459 - 1859. My question is, is it valid to take the 1430 to Newcastle, alight at...
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    openBVE class 101 released

    Thought you'd be interested to know that Martin Corbett has released the class 101 DMBS, DTC and TPWS fitted variant over at Enjoy!
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    Updates from the past few months

    Not really kept track of uploads so here are three... Some photos of the FGW loco hauled workings in September 2010, when both sets were still running. An hour spent at Eastleigh the other day
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    River Teign Estuary

    Some photos taken alongside the river Teign Estuary on Saturday with a pair of spoons heading to Paignton from Preston. Haven't we had a brilliant August weather wise! Any comments? Cheers
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    Exminster, Powderham & Starcross

    Exminster, Powderham and Cockwood last Saturday to see 6024 & 5029, also meant to see a pair of grids, but that plan went up in smoke when half of the Cornish lineside did the same thing... Any comments? Cheers
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    Follaton 22/6/10

    Some photos today at Follaton; near Totnes. With a XC HST and the Freightliner sand due at a similar time it was worth a visit to a location I had yet to visit. Any comments? Cheers
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    Shaldon Solstice 21/6/10

    Some photos from Shaldon, on the non railway side of the River Teign in Devon. The tide was in, sun was out and it was very warm. What better excuse to fot the FGW loco hauled set? Any comments? Cheers
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    South Devon Railway Diesel Gala 12/06/10

    A few photos from Saturdays Diesel gala on the South Devon Railway, a good event and very reasonably priced. D6737 looked resplendent with its new yellow front ends. Photos Any comments? Cheers
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    Tropical Devon

    A few photos from a very warm and sunny Devon on Saturday. Bring on Summer! Any comments? Cheeeers
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    Aller tours

    Some photos from Aller near Newton Abbot to see D1015 & 40145 plus the VSOE Any Comments? Cheers
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    67018 down South

    67018 On the FGW loco hauled diagram yesterday, as it lays over in Goodrington sidings Cheeers
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    Hollicombe 12/04/10

    Looking outside seeing blue skies I had to go out and nail my shot of the FGW loco hauled set at Hollicombe. Any comments? Cheers
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    Some photos from Teignmouth today with 66101 working the 1Z27 Whitchurch - Parkandillick railtour. About the first time i've been out and it's been sunny this year as well! Any comments? Cheers
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    South Devon Bubble

    Went to Staverton on the South Devon Railway today to see W55000 the pioneer bubble car on its final weekend of regular operation, as next week its kettle time! Rather typically whilst sat in the car it was full sun, however as the train came, the clouds conveniently came in. You can't make it...
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    Royals to Newton Abbot

    Needed 67006 so took a trip to Newton Abbot to get it, took some photos along the way too... Cheers!
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    A Royal Affair 09/02

    With both Royal 67s on the FGW loco hauled diagram I figured i'd better go and see them. With some spare time in the afternoon I went to a very windy Hollicombe near Paignton to see 67006 leading 2U20 PGN - CDF Photos: Any comments? Cheers
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    From the not to distant past... June 06

    A look at the archives, from a (what looks like) very warm June 2006. Any comments? Cheers
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    Great Western Wanderings

    A day spent travelling around the Great Western region last Saturday. Included a trip on the HST vice 150/1 between Patchway & Taunton as well as various other locations. Photos: Comments welcome Cheers
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    An Afternoon on the Skips

    Away from all the excitement of the snow in the South East, FGWs new service from Cardiff - Paignton and return was running as booked on weekdays. On what must have been the coldest day of this winter, I travelled to Exeter on the service. I'd recommend a 'bash' as its so much more dignified...
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    Paignton Loco Hauled

    Went to see the FGW loco hauled set working the 1247 Paignton - Cardiff today as I had an afternoon off school. Some rather testing lighting conditions but at least the sun came out! Photo: Any comments? Cheers