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    Caledonian sleeper on West Highland

    Is this still usable as a conventional service train since the franchise was split off? There are no fares showing in NRE, but the service is listed as being there. I suppose the excellent advances that used to be available Mallaig > Glasgow using this service for a good later departure weren't...
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    Cumbrian Coast evolutionary question.

    In the hypothetical scenario that class 37s and mk 2s with window bars remained on the Cumbrian Coast for several tens of thousands of years (although given the average age of Northern's stock, this may not be as hypothetical as all that), would class 37 bashers eventually evolve heads narrow...
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    The Great British Bash Off

    If television can make something as mundane as baking cakes into a competitive activity attracting millions of viewers then surely anything is possible. My idea is The Great British Bash Off. How it works is this. A number of competitors are given £250 each in cash and a credit account that...
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    Caledonian Sleeper booking engine not working properly

    This has been going on since Tuesday now, and I have reported to ScotRail over the phone, twice via their Feedback Form (they have not responded), and via FaceBook. They have acknowledged that it is a known problem that they are 'working on'. If you try to book berths on the sleeper, instead...
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    Weird electronic woman at Leeds station

    This morning there was a very unconvincing white plastic cut out of a woman propped up just beyond the barriers at Leeds station. Onto this plastic was being projected by some means the image of a woman. 'She' was helpfully suggesting that passengers did not take suitcases onto the escalators...
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    whose idea was it to rebrand the East Coast buffet as 'Food bar'?

    Whoever it was didn't do any sort of sound check through a PA system, because every time it is announced it sounds exactly like 'FUBAR'. This does not make me want to eat there BTW.
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    Hall Leys Park miniature railway, Matlock

    When I was a very young child my family lived in Belper, and among the very faint memories I have of that time is a green steam locomotive operating along a stretch of track in a park in Matlock. What little I have been able to find online says that the track is still there, but since 1974 has...
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    TPE altering dates on outbound portion of SOR.

    I'm on the 6:37 Hull > Piccadilly with an SOR from Saltaire to Manchester. The grip has just amended the valid until date from 25th Nov to 21st Nov. I asked him why he had done this and he said because I was travelling today. I asked him what I was supposed to do if doing BOJ at Huddersfield or...
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    What a week!

    It’s been a very long time since I wrote anything on here, but it’s quite a week on the rails so I’m reappearing briefly. It’s a massive week at work this week, with a new depot opening at Bridgwater. As usual I planned to put in an appearance at the new depot during the first week, and had...
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    Are Anytime Returns completely flexible?

    I have an SOR Shipley > Manchester via Hebden Bridge. On the return the barrier man wrote today's date all over it, and I told him that I wanted ti to BOJ overnight at Hebden Bridge, resuming the next day. He said that the journey must be completed that day even though the ticket is valid for a...
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    If I buy a return to South Elmsall....

    ....can I return from Moorthorpe if that turns out to be more convenient time wise? From Leeds that is.
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    Cross Country HST at Wakefield Kirkgate

    Now, 22:00 on Monday. I've just gone through on 19:52 Kings Cross > Bradford and there it is. Anyone know why?
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    What do class 166s actually do??

    In 2013 I've set myself an aim to get at least one move on each TOC, and at least one move on each class of unit/loco with booked passenger workings (although not every TOC/unit combination). So far all's going well with the TOCs, and with the traction almost as well except I'm struggling...
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    Man of Steel

    I've seen an advert for a film called 'Man of Steel'. Does this involve a basher played by Henry Cavill travelling (for example) from Manchester to Dublin for an RPSI tour the following day, who turns up at Piccadilly to find the 21:50 to Chester is running 10 late? What is he to do? His plus...
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    ScotRail naughty naughty with Family Railcard discount

    ScotRail have introduced a Kids Go Free scheme between Mallaig and Fort William. Up to two children free with a fare paying adult. This is obviously a good deal. At Mallaig yesterday I asked for one and a half return with Family Railcard to Morar. Unfortunately I was in a rush because two...
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    Top Tips (Enter at Your Own Risk)

    I think what this forum is lacking is a Viz-style 'Top Tips' section, so here's my first go: Permanent way engineers, to prevent railway lines from being washed away every time it rains, why not lay them on something other than a mixture of sawdust and sand?
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    On board the 15:17 Four Oaks > Redditch.

    Nearly everyone who boarded at Aston walked straight into the arms of the waiting RPIs and got busted! London Midland RPIs certainly earning their corn today.
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    Etiquette when booking clerk tries to sell you the wrong thing.

    Just had the clerk at Shipley try to sell me an SOR from Sheffield to Derby at £33 instead of a SVR at £18.80 as part of a Shipley > Gravelly Hill split. I knew it was wrong when I saw £33 come up on the screen, but I'm not at all comfortable telling people if they're doing something wrong in...
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    4SRKT and the Move to Oblivion

    No, not a bad Harry Potter rip-off, but a terrifying tale of woe and intrigue nonetheless. It was meeting time in Scotland again and time for our customary skip bashing trip over Rannoch Moor; out on the 18:21 unit ex-Glasgow Queen St, back on the seated sleeper from Rannoch. All tickets...
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    Is the 07:10 Leeds > Aberdeen the longest continually running train in the book?

    As far back as I can remember there has been an HST running in this path or something very like it. The oldest timetable in which I can prove its existence is the 1985 book, where it departs Leeds at 07:30. I used this train regularly throughout my teens and early 20s, and was amazed to find...