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    222 4-car sets to become 5-car by May 22

    I travel on the EMR 222s regularly and agree how wasteful they are regarding poor seating capacity. Of course the 810s won't have a buffet counter so that takes up space and the 222s have 2 disabled loos (one in each driving car) which eats into their capacity.
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    It certainly was since we have lots out due to injuries and Cov19. See who we get next in the draw later....
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    Hornby 2022 range

    Cool. I've still got my 2 car 466 in Connex colours! Had it 20 or so years. Hardly used. Great condition. Runs well. Only thing missing is some ofthe rubber corridor connection bit between the cars had broke off. Seemed cheap at about 50 quid or so at the time......
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    My team Leicester are playing today against Watford in the FA Cup. Be hard cause we've got lots of players out either due to injuries or Covid. Very depleted team with some reserve/ones we don't play much in action likely.
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    Buying second hand items, HOW MUCH????

    I picked up some very nice Nike af1s the other week through FB Market Place. You do have to watch out cause some people really try it on with prices, even for used ones! These were great for 40 quid. Very little use. RRP new is 100+
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    Supermarket Update (2)

    Yes they are. I always try to pay by cash when I can too cause I don't want my bank knowing how much I spend on where and how often etc. Do find Asda best for prices out of the big 4 and don't go Lidl due to poor quality. I really do recommend Morrison's breakfasts now they had improved the...
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    Supermarket Update (2)

    Tesco Hinckley still have their 2 staffed basket tills but not been used for more than 2 years. They blocked off by displays. Also why do they fleece you if you have no Club card? I do and always use it but for anyone without one it's easily one of most pricey supermarkets.
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    Platforms of Last Resort

    Thank you!! I had a feeling there was one or two calling.
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    Platforms of Last Resort

    Does platform 2 at Water Orton get much use? All trains which stop there on the Birmingham to Nuneaton use the bi directional platform 1 leaving platform 2 for Northbound service via Tamworth but don't think any or many call? As far as I know most services calling at Water Orton are Nuneaton...
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    Train loading Stansted to Birmingham CrossCountry

    Definitely gone much quieter in recent days not surprisingly due to Omicron keeping some people away. The last really busy weekend I seen was 11/12 Dec. Appears weekday loadings have gone quiter too.
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    Suggestions for a day out from Leeds using Northern trains only

    When does your pass expire? I'd personally wait a few weeks to get more daylight as it's not the most scenic travelling in the dark by train. Weekends can be horrendously busy (up until the last few days anyway due to Omicron keeping some away) plus engineering work at weekends. Nottingham...
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    Vaccine Progress, Approval, and Deployment

    Had my booster on Saturday as I had a text with a link from my doctors on Wednesday. Was in Hinckley leisure centre. Loads of walk in people coming in and so quick. No waiting after so was in and out in less than 5 Min!! My arm does ache a lot and I've had today off work. Defo the worst of my 3...
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    MML Electrification updates

    I'm assuming the short bit from Sheet Stores Jct to Trent East Jct is also been wired as some early morning and evening service go via Nottingham from the Derby line to and from St Pancras.
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    Omicron variant and the measures implemented in response to it

    Rumours abound about a 2 week circuit breaker after Christmas. I'm really not wanting a lockdown but clearly the high cases are causing much disruption in many industries due to workers off with Covid isolating or close contacts isolating (no jab) so a couple or so weeks circuit breaker in...
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    MML Electrification updates

    At least Wellingborough this weekend is regaining direct trains to Leicester and the north as the Corby 360s are not running. Was surprised earlier when stopping at Corby going north a fair few getting on so enjoying rare northbound regular services. It's great, however to see progress finally...
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    MML Electrification updates

    Kettering to Leicester on rail replacement direct bus can be about an hour so no difference. Was nice to go over Harringworth viaduct and nice quiet train too! I wasn't in a rush today though but some people would be.
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    MML Electrification updates

    I'm currently on a diverted train via Corby. Ok as far as Corby but the line speeds north of here are pathetic. Took just over 2 mins to pass through Corby Tunnel and there's a like a severe restriction just north of Harringworth viaduct. Not even going 20mph there.
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    Cross Country Service Reductions and Alterations, 28-11-2021 onwards

    Buses replace trains between Leicester and Peterborough today due to shortage of train crew. One is non stop, other calls at Melton Mowbray, Oakham and Stamford. Both hourly.
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    How busy have your trains been?

    14.18 Leicester to Birmingham NS. For an off peak service this is very well loaded with at least 60% of seats taken. 14.13 to St Pancras from Leicester very busy even in 1st class. Been a Friday so close to Christmas is of course bound to be busy.
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    222 4-car sets to become 5-car by May 22

    Sure would do. Having 3 first class coaches out of 7 is a waste. At weekends first can be fairly quiet with standard full. 50 first class seats also is too much in a 5 car 222 so reducing it makes sense.