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    Why the fear/anger (or similar) emotions around mask wearing?

    That was certainly the case for me. I wore a face covering when it was a legal requirement but not when it was a condition of carriage. Not sure why Sadiq thinks the rules don't apply to him, one set of rules for London and a different set for everyone else. That's not how it works Sadiq!
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    ScotRail booking/ticket office 'cuts'

    I fear you are right. It's one of those thing which sounds great in theory but in reality won't be of much use to passengers. If you could press an button on the TVM and be connected to a ticketing expert that would be ideal but we all know that in reality it'll be someone with limited ticketing...
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    Omicron variant and the measures implemented in response to it

    Given Sadiq got told to jog on when he asked the government to make mask wearing a bylaw on TFL services it gives me great hope that he won't get his wish this time either.
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    Working from home

    Exactly. I took 30 mins when working in an office and at home I take 30 minutes. I also take 2 or 3 5 min breaks in addition to make tea or get a snack. Breaks are important. I certainly couldn't work 7.5 hours straight without burnout or getting mentally exhausted, especially if I did that 5...
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    For run outs I wish on field umpires would trust their own decision making rather than going 'upstairs' nearly every time. When I watch run outs on TV in real time I can usually make the right call 95% of the time. Sure, use technology to check the really close calls but not every single time...
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    Working from home

    Salaried people would definitely get paid although I bet some companies would make people make up the lost time. No decent company would do that though. I think it is a risk the employer takes when allowing people to work at home. As for contractors I suspect if the outage only wiped out part...
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    Working from home

    I have the same issue in that BT do not plan to install Fibre in my area either. Therefore I have fibre to the property and can get up to gigabit ethernet although I opted for 100mbps because there's no point paying for speeds I won't utilise. Have you looked into fibre to the property...
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    Working from home

    If you are an employee of a company I would expect them to provide a laptop for you to use. I won't explain why because there isn't a short answer. I will partially concede on internet connectivity though. I d find people have more connectivity issues than you would get in an office however...
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    Working from home

    My employer has re-introduced a rile where you have to get a approval for an office visit. I had blanket approval in 2020, not sue if it would still be valid, and for quite a lot of 2021 offices opened back up and you simply had to book a desk and did not need approval. My employer has turned a...
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    Reading to manchester 02/04 return 03/04

    I believe advance tickets are being released up to 6 weeks in advance so you've got a bit of wait ahead of you before you'll see advances for these dates. The days of advance tickets being released up to 12 weeks out are gone and I'd surprised if we ever see advances ever being that far in...
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    Tube - Bus 733 - Tube, during Northern line Bank closure

    Unless they hit the daily cap they would be charged more. Given paper tickets are so rare in London nowadays I can't see any practical solution to the problem.
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    Tube - Bus 733 - Tube, during Northern line Bank closure

    Of course there is a value in that you are being transported however buses take a lot longer than trains. I'd be pretty irritated if I had to pay the same fare for a rail replacement bus that takes much longer and isn't as comfortable as a train. In London if a TFL bus is being used then I think...
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    A scam phone calls and emails discussion.

    The amount of scam anti-virus emails has reduced quite considerably and any that I have received have gone directly to my spam folder.
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    Online job interview: What would you wear?

    Personally I'd just wear a shirt and chinos for an online interview. It's what I'd wear if I were going to the office and in my company even that is overdressed these days. I'd be surprised if the interviewers were wearing a suit ad tie. I think the workplace has generally become more casual in...
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    Yes. June 2022.
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    Hull station evacuated earlier during rush hour (17/12/21)

    If it were managing resources at Hull station I'd have asked that last qualified evacuator if they would be willing to do some overtime to keep the station open. If the station had to be closed then I imagine it would happen in a calm and orderly fashion just before the last suitably qualified...
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    TFL Enforcement Officers

    I also don't understand why wearing a mask on an open air platform is at all beneficial. In fact didn't some scientist say we shouldn't wear masks outdoors as moisture will build up on the mask making it less effective? My local London Overground station has open air platforms and I do not put...
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    Austria (and perhaps other European countries?) return to full lockdown

    The media is only interested in restrictions being put in place and since Boris isn't increasing the restrictions in England they are turning to other countries to get their fix, France in this instance. The media seem to think everyone is of the same viewpoint and will therefore be able to sell...
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    What's the long term solution to return England back to their winning ways of yesteryear? We clearly don't have enough decent test level players to come close to winning any Test match right now, even against Zimbabwe, Ireland or Bangladesh. In fact is there anything we can do to reverse the...
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    Delay Repay claims rejected

    Exactly, I'd take that as my license to cash all the cheques especially if I had written evidence of the TOCs saying to keep the cheques.