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    Railcards: expiry and renewal reminders

    Have other lapsed Railcard holders received an email inviting application for a new card? I recall that when it expired sometime last year, there was silence, not even a reminder not to purchase discounted tickets without renewing.
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    Railcard Renewal

    My Senior Railcard recently expired. I might have anticipated a reminder to renew, but there wasn't one. There's not a lot of point in renewing until I intend to go somewhere by rail. if relevant, which it probably isn't, I usually pay by Tesco Clubcard points. Are they not bothering with...
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    Railcard site

    Something of a "Does anyone know" question. If I login to the site, it tells me that my railcard is "Ordered". I fact I ordered it around a couple of weeks ago to judge from its expiry date. Does that mean that they haven't been able to send it yet? I'm aware that...
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    TfL/GWR interchangabiliy

    I've booked Advance tickets for Marlow to Exeter St Davids and return. It's a trip I've done a few times before, but now it seems I must wait at Maidenhead or Reading for a GWR service for the Maidenhead to Reading leg or return Reading to Maidenhead. As it happens the Marlow branch train is...
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    Tesco Clubcard & Railcards

    I usually use Clubcard points to renew a Senior Railcard. This message has been displayed for at least the last week. Are they likely to fix the problem in the near future?
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    Try a Maidenhead to Stratford return after December It can come up with one change. I thought trains from Paddington (low level) to destinations east and vice versa were at least a year away.
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    Dollis Hill Station (TfL)

    According to Wikipedia, Dollis Hill station was built in 1909. That cannot be the whole story as the current station is in 1930s art deco style which contrasts with Willesden Green, the next station towards Central London. Also according to wikipedia, it became part of the Stanmore branch of...
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    Trainline IPO

    Various financial websites are reporting that Trainline are considering an IPO. That's an Initial Public Offering where shares are sold to the public on the Stock Exchange. They announced this around four years ago, but then...
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    HS2 - slowing down

    The Mail has a report that there's a proposal to slow down HS2. Specifically tunnels can be cheaper if they are designed with a lower maximum speed than previously proposed. I think there was something similar to save money during the construction of the Channel Tunnel. There's a lot of proposed...
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    Ticketing to Heathrow

    Prompted by a sign at Paddington saying that Heathrow Express tickets were not valid on the Heathrow Connect stoppers now run by TFL Rail, I checked National Rail Enquiries. It's bizarre. There's a cheaper ticket not valid on Heathrow Express as one might expect. The Heathrow Express ticket is...
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    Heathrow Gatwick link

    From the Mail If there's any novelty in this, it's the suggestion that the dead straight line from Redhill to Ashford be used to link up to HS1 and be upgraded in its own right.
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    Hydrogen powered trains ?

    Here's a press release by a new Government Minister. Some points. He really should talk to his boss who has cancelled or postponed electrification schemes on the premise that bi-modes (with diesel power) will...
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    Daily Mail Story: Charged for starting short on Advance ticket Slightly surprising East Midlands backed down, so what is the policy on starting short on an Advance ticket? Some of the comments refer to the Lancaster/Preston issue.
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    Split tickets via London

    I have tickets (Advance + Single) for Harrogate to High Wycombe via London. Rather than an Advance for the whole journey, I found the combination of Harrogate to Kings Cross and London U1 to High Wycombe slightly cheaper. A quick check on one of the splitting sites didn't seem to pick up this...
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    Misleading advice by Which? magazine

    The consumer magazine Which? has some material on TOCs and train fares in the February 2018 issue. It concentrates on leisure travel and ranks TOCs. Translink NI came top followed by Grand Central, Heathrow Express and Merseyrail. It gives advice on tickets, but some of it seems incorrect or...
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    Red Spotted Hanky

    This ticket seller has a deal with Tesco Clubcard where you can get a favourable conversion rate. There's a "but" though, because they charge a £ 1 booking fee. I am contemplating buying a week's worth of travel in one go, that will be eight tickets. Will they just charge the one booking fee or...
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    Barming & Maidstone East

    I was trying to work out what this story in the Mail was going on about. Presumably the issue was that because Maidstone East is the other side of Barming to London, you aren't allowed to double...
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    Why was spotting locomotives called 'trainspotting'?

    Thinking back to the 1950s and 1960s, it was always called "trainspotting". But it wasn't. The Combined Volumes which were the source documents mostly only recorded the motive power rather than the carriages and never the goods wagons. DMUs and EMUs arguably confuse the issue. So why wasn't...
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    West Drayton (Zone 6) to Shepherd's Bush

    Is it one of those fare semi-anomalies where the cost from West Drayton (Zone 6) to Shepherd's Bush is the same at off peak hours, at least, as from Ealing Broadway? It would be a useful point to split tickets if coming from west of West Drayton on the local trains and travelling via Ealing to a...
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    Tickets on "set down" only trains

    A question raised on a more general non-railway discussion forum. You have a ticket for travel from A to B. You catch a train from A which is designated "pick up only" at B. You are challenged whilst on the train between A and B. Is your ticket valid? If you think this might be about Reading...