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    Open Returns and seat Reservations

    Hello all I was wondering if someone can shed some light on something for me, last week I purchased a open return from Rugby to Axminster, from Trainline. I am now on the outward journey, which was last Sunday; it sent me via Watford Junction and Clapham junc on Avanti, Southern and south west...
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    Disability Access on Class 800's

    Hello all I was wondering if someone can shed some light on to a query i have about the class 800's, recently my elderly mother was travelling from Reading down to Exeter st.davids on the GWR, she had assistance booked to help her on and off the train at both stations. Now when she arrived...
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    We need High speed Rail, but Is HS2 really Needed?

    Hello All I was thinking about something the other day in regards to HS2 and the future of High speed rail in the UK in general, first of all i am in full agreement that we need faster rail travel in the uk (And i am not trolling either!) BUT would it be cheaper for the Uk government invest...
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    VTEC Azuma on the WCML today

    Hello all I am hoping that someone might be able to help me,as Earlier Today, roughly between 15.00-16.00, i swear i saw what looked like a VTEC Azuma, thundering through Rugby, i looked at RTT to see if i could see What it was doing on the WCML, and where it was travelling from and to. But i...