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    Trainsplit book with confidence

    Thanks to COVID it looks like I’m going to have rearrange my return travel. From their help at it looks like the share of savings isn’t refunded. As Trainsplit are going to charge the share of savings on the follow-up booking, this feels a little mean that...
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    Avanti tickets for overtaken train

    I'm looking at a trip in August/September. From Oxford to Kirkcaldy and back, though was initially only looking at between Birmingham and Kirkcaldy to compare with the airfare. Both thetrainline and trainsplit offer me the expected Avanti+connections in both directions, changing once at either...
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    Western Rail link to Heathrow delayed again

    ‘Eeyore’ Clifton was on South Today this lunchtime saying the decision on this project had been postponed again. Apparently the business case hasn’t been produced yet and was likely to be worse now with the drop in both rail and air passengers due to COVID. He finished off by suggesting it might...
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    Plusbus and disabled railcard

    I'm going to be making a trip into London with a friend who holds a Disabled Railcard. To save on the bus fares to get to and from the station, I'm thinking of adding PlusBus for the Oxford end. On the train, the companion must be accompanying the disabled person for the tickets to be valid...
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    Tickets for December?

    I'm starting to look up prices for going home at Christmas and I'm not seeing any Advances. I assume this is related to the current timetabling shenanigans with Network Rail. Anyone know when these tickets are likely to appear?
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    Who to claim from?

    I was travelling home to Kirkcaldy from Oxford and got caught up in the disruption on the 21st of December. I'm now unsure whether I should try and claim for the delay from Virgin West Coast or Scotrail. The relevant ticket was an Advance Single from Birmingham New Street to Kirkcaldy...