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    Cuts to covid quarantine time to 5 days. Will it help the staff shortage on the railway?

    Quarantine cut to 5 days subject to negative lateral flow tests on 2 consecutive days*. Can we expect better reliability from the railway now? * England only I think.
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    Odd stations on station departure sheets

    I think around 1980 they changed the departure posters on stations to not list departures chronologically, but to have an alphabetical list of stations and times of trains to them But some of the stations listed were a bit odd. Lancaster has, for some reason, Lympstone Commando. And quite a few...
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    British Rail appointed travel agents

    In BR days there were appointed travel agents. I think you could buy tickets there, and make reservations. I never used them What tickets did they issue? And did anyone here ever use them? and are there still rail travel agents? Would they be appropriate today, especially in places where there...
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    Leeds - Lancaster - Morecambe cut back to skipton.

    Was on Skipton stn yesterday and saw a train from Morecambe terminate. Looked at real time trains this morning and they are all cut back to Skipton. But the timetables on the Northern site have the full Leeds-Morecambe service. What's going on? And for how long? Long old walk from platform 3 to...
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    Are high numbered bus numbers offputting to potential passengers?

    I grew up in W Yorks. Before 1974 the bus companies had their own route numbering systems so were usually under 100. But their buses were different colours. So, for example, in Leeds, the 44 from Halton Moor to Stanningley was green(1), while the 44 leeds - Bridlington was red or blue(2)...
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    England National Concessionary Travel Scheme (ENCTS)

    Now that bus ticket machines can now scan and record the ENCTS QR code, should it be changed so the council that issued the pass pays the bus operator*. It could be done with a sort of computerised clearing house. Would mean that councils with a lot of tourist traffic would benefit. Why...
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    Historical - 36 Leeds - Harrogate - Ripon

    Today the 36 is a flagship service of Transdev Harrogate and District. It was when I was a kid and West Yorkshire Road car (WYRCC) ran it. The 36 is in the 1936 WYRCC timetable. Its is a through service. You can see it Here By 1941, it had been split into 2 services. Leeds - Harrogate was...
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    Do the diagrams in signalboxes show whether lines are electrified. and do train descriptions indicate electric trains

    This was inspired by Some of the anecdotes on that thread seem to indicate a signaller sent an electric train into non electrified route. So, as per the title 1. do the signalling diagrams in...
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    Enginemans memories book - help please.

    In the dim and distant past (mid 80's) my wife helped edit a book by an LNER train driver called Ray Addy. It was published by Dalesman. Anyone know the name of the book and whether there are any about on Amazon/Ebay etc?
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    Device in 4 foot at Leeds station 1970's - Terminal platforms. Purpose?

    Hazy memories - apologies In the terminal platforms at Leeds station in 1970's there was a device alongside the inner face of 1 running rail, about half a coach length long. It didn't seem to have any electrical stuff attached to it. It was close to the buffer stop It was a long bar with...
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    Wartime buses

    Just got a 1941 West Yorkshire Road Car timetable. I am comparing it to a 1936 one I also have. quite a lot missing. When did shortages really start to bite, staff and buses? I know many buses went to London to replace those lost in bombing. But by 1941? And when were men getting called up in...
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    Daylight saving and railways discussion

    Feel free to discuss anything to do with the twice yearly clocks change. But I have 2 questions to start things off 1. What happens to timetables with the extra hour next week? Do trains just wait for an hour somewhere or arrive early. I know not much runs on sat night/sun mornings. Do the...
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    German Cities withdraw electric buses after fire in Stuttgart

    Sensationalist rubbish or actual concern?
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    Wuppertal Schwebebahn photos

    2 pix taken by a colleague of a train and Hammerstein Station on 20 Oct 21
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    Bad stuff we did on buses as kids.

    DO NOT DO THIS STUFF!!! I grew up in Leeds in 60's & 70's so lots of back loader buses with no doors. A dare that did the rounds was to stand on the platform with your arms round the centre pole and swing 360 degrees round it while the bus was moving! I tried it and fell in the gutter. Nice...
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    Is the leccy supply to the railway 'just enough'?

    I have been following The discussion has got round to whether there is enough slack in the supply to the 3rd rail network to support charging BEMU's for Uckfield. Which leads to the question. Is there spare capacity in...
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    Whats the signal on the bridge?

    Is it just a splitting distant colour light? Sorry, no idea of location.
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    Trivia: International tickets

    A man in the South Side of Glasgow goes to his local station. "Single to Karachi please" "Sorry pal, we can't give you a ticket all the way there. Try asking again at Glasgow Central" So he does. "Sorry pal, here's a ticket to London, try again there". TIcket office at Victoria says "Sorry sir...
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    Archive of bus open data

    There is a load of old paper bus timetables out there. Many are ending up on Timetable World. But these paper timetables are a thing of the past Yes we can capture the current timetables timetables But there is a shedload of current data in the Government Open Bus Database. I think that should...
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    Pocket mags 99p sale

    Loads of back issues of railway interest magazines on offer for 99p a copy. Digital only - you can only read them on their reader. No paper copies or downloads. Modern Railways going back to 2011 all at 99p except for last 2 months. Other titles too. May be worth a look... Not my company...