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    Major Disruption At Paddington (3rd Dec 2017)

    Nothing able to move towards Paddington atm between Hayes and Harlington and Paddington due to a combination of engineering works and a broken down train (think it's 621Z that has broken down -
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    Major Disruption At London Euston (1st - 3rd Dec 2017)

    A bad evening at London Euston
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    Documentary about the rebuild of Dawlish Sea Wall

    I've been googling around trying to find the documentary that I remember watching about the rebuilding of the Dawlish sea wall by the "Orange Army". Is the documentary that I'm thinking of an episode or 2 from the series "The Railway - First Great Western"? If it isn't, what was the documentary...
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    Babylon 5 Coming To Pick TV

    Read on the net this morning that the sci-fi series Babylon 5 will be returning to tv on Pick TV next month. Who remembers Babylon 5? Did you like the series, I think it was a really good series. I wish it would be released on bluray but I know that it won't due to how much it would probably...
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    WCML Disruption 27th October

    All lines blocked between Rugby and Coventry, currently estimated to be till 11:00
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    Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    Anyone planning on seeing it at the cinema? I know that Odeon have got a new cinema format (can't remember what it's called), if I have the choice between watching the new Star Wars movie in that new format or IMAX (either @ Southampton or Waterloo), which format is the better format to watch it...
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    Open Train Times

    Why do some maps on Open Train Times (OTT) show signal aspects and locations and some don't. If you look at this one which covers Euston: it doen't show any signals from the buffer stops to approx Harlesden Jn where as with this one...
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    Rail Tours To/From Waterloo (Main)

    Once all the work is done on the ex international platforms and they're permanently back in use, would it be viable to have some rail tours start and/or finish at Waterloo (Main)? I remember that there used to be a Poole-Waterloo rail tour (Capitals Christmas Express) that used to run, was...
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    "Heavy Rail" Tramways Still In Situ

    Is the Weymouth tramway (which will probably never see any trains run over it again) the only example left in the UK of a "heavy rail" tramway that's still in situ?
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    Star Trek Style "Turbolifts" that are also capable of horizontal travel Assuming that they can perfect the technology, could it have a place in modern stations with people being able to for example transfer between platforms without having to walk between escalators?
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    London Waterloo (Main) Speed Limits

    When trains depart Waterloo it's 15mph till they reach the first signal gantry that crosses all the tracks, then it's either 50mph or 60mph depending on which track. What's the reason for the 15mph for the short bit? The only reason that I can think off is the amount of points in that section
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    Major Disruption At Woking (31/7/17)

    There's major disruption at Woking at the moment:
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    Person Struck By Train Near Hamworthy Station

    Our thoughts are with the driver and the deceased's family. From the comments on the news page, it looks like it could have been a NR employee :( EDIT: Think this might have been the...
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    Barcelona (Franca Station) - Train Crashes Into Buffers - 48 People Injured From the looks of the damage in the photos it seems like it must have been going reasonably fast when it hit the buffers. Do they have an equivalent over there of the TPWS overspeed loops?
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    Knock-on effect of electrification scheme cancellations on **Rolling Stock**

    With the following electrification schemes having been announced as cancelled: Cardiff to Swansea Kettering/Nottingham to Sheffield Windermere to Oxenholme (any others announced today missing from that list?) What will be the knock-on affects of the cancellations on rolling stock? Is it...
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    Are Signalling Faults Becoming More Common?

    With two mainlines having had major signalling faults in the last week or so (GWML & WCML), it got me wondering, are signalling faults becoming more common? Over the last month or so when I've flicked through the rail travel news, the number of times that I've seen signalling faults mentioned...
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    Australia: Hamilton-Newcastle Old Route

    Saw a few videos on Youtube a while back on the former track between Hamilton and Newcastle, near the Australian city of Sydney. The last I saw was that apart from the track at the level crossings being covered over, all track, OLE and signals had been removed. From what I've seen the plan is...
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    Isle of Wight Railway - Island Steam Show - Which Field(s)?

    Looking at the Isle of Wight Steam Railway's Haven Street station on Google Earth, which fields do they use for their Island Steam Show? I'm just trying to get an idea of how big the Island Steam Show so work out if it's worth going with travel time and cost of train/ferry fares factored in
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    Peak Times - SWTs Heading West From Basingstoke

    For SWTs heading west from Basingstoke, between what times is the afternoon peak classed as (the times between when off-peak promo tickets aren't valid)?
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    Excess Fares When Two Possible Routes

    Say I was going from the Poole/Bournemouth area to Yeovil (was thinking of doing it by train for the airshow). I know that there's 2 possible routes: * SWT to Weymouth then GWR to Yeovil Penn Mill * SWT to Southampton Central then GWR to Salisbury then SWTs to Yeovil Junction If I went...