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    Grand Central Discussion

    Moving back on topic, nice to GC doing a mailshot in my local area to promote the new services :)
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    If you could say 5 words to Dr. Beeching today, what would they be?

    Well done, you opened their eyes.
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    Google StreetView trainspotting,-1.545891&spn=0,359.99433&t=h&z=18&layer=c&cbll=53.794703,-1.550619&panoid=Yx_NfLeycgk6PNaQYyhKWw&cbp=12,178.26,,0,5 333 Leeds
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    Where can I get an ID Card?

    You at college? NUS extra card?
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    Has Anyone Ever Traveled From Sheffield Victoria Station

    Sense of humour failure. :wink:
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    Weekend with Virgin Trains

    In that case I do apologuse for the duff info.
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    Weekend with Virgin Trains

    Might not be a voyager, could be a 57 drag
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    SWT Train Fire

    Journo definitely, seen it time and time before, trying to get information from Enthusiasts.
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    Islamic Extremists vow to march through Wootton Bassett

    Wootton bassett - 7 roads into the village, a tank on each road manned the colleagues of the fallen...?
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    Person hit by train near Rutherglen

    I've raised this issue with Mojo but I feel the need to make this comment public, any problems with what im saying... Read my Signature! I can honestly say I find it rude and disrespectful that every single suicide on the UK rail network is reported and discussed and speculated about on RailUK...
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    I think we're all in agreement that..

    the fares system is pretty screwed up, but how exactly would you make it better? Not got much time at present but expect a rant later tonight...
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    It's finally occured... (daft fare)

    To be fair Yorkies got a point here, using cauliflower just makes makes it a tangible comparison...
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    Mail Trains

    Hmmm, Chistmas... extra demand? :wink:
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    Railway would you stop it?

    Shoot them Ok, Better Education... the Australian Safety videos etc...
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    Northern Crush

    Welcome to the North, its a commuter train and by the way has nothing to do with the oldham loop closure for this service would be pretty useless for ex Oldham Loop users. :)
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    The Underground Blog Experience (TUBE)

    Comments on Airport Workers. Were in the 21st centuary I have no time for racism.
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    The Underground Blog Experience (TUBE)

    If I want to read racist tosh ill join the BNP mailing list, thanks.
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    Walking around yards

    That might not have been his role all day. :)
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    Richmond (RMD) / Feltham (FEL) - Swindon (SWI) routeings (Advance tickets)

    Can we not use proper station names? If i wanted to use coding id be in IT...?
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    More trains stopping at Spondon

    Here he goes again...