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  1. AlistairCowell

    Class 801 trains using diesel power.

    Class 801 can also be propelled from the Class 800 from the back as well.
  2. AlistairCowell

    SWR Class 458 to be retained

    Saw that photo of that, but they do look like Class 450s. But as for the current progress of the Class 458 refurb, little progress (if not nothing) has been made so far.
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    Class 47 buffer beam areas

    Class 47 locomotives were originally built with lower buffer beams (or fairings). Since around in 1990s, the locos began to appear with their buffer beam fairings removed. Not all locomotives were so treated and some 47s still have buffer beam fairings today. I think 47299 was the first...
  4. AlistairCowell

    Class 66 detail differences

    66779 has an engine recovered from the first 66734 which is a 12N-710G3B-EC. I believe the 2016 batch (66773 to 66779) would have low-emission 12N-710G3B-T2 engines. This means that either the engine would be converted to the 'T2' or 66779 would be an oddball in having an 'EC' type engine. I...
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    Class 318 - was unit 318270 an additional unit?

    As we may or may not know, unit 318270 had vehicles 77288 + 62890 + 77289, and was not numbered sequentially like 318250 to 318269. According to the British Rail At Work: Scotrail book by Colin Boocock, it was mentioned that 20 Class 318 units would be built. Is it true that 318270 was added to...
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    Most successful re-engined conversion in UK

    Is there a difference between original and modified MTU engines? Another thing we failed to mention that Class 43 HSTs have also been re-engined a decade back. Paxman Valenta engines were replaced with MTU engines on all but MML HSTs (the MML examples had VP185 engines).
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    Weird train-related dreams

    Had one a night before (yesterday morning in fact), I was at a pre-1977 Glasgow Subway look-a-like station, with the two-car 1977 Met-cam stock in orange livery passing through, and there was a man laying drunk on the other side of the tracks. His back was lying on a third-rail, but he was not...
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    Weird train-related dreams

    Last night I was dreaming of re-doing my railway layout in my bedroom. I was joining two railway layouts together - one from Train Simulator 2022 and another from Trainz 12. Without the computer! It was dusk outside my bedroom window, the golden moon was rising behind the hill, and ITV News at...
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    Trivia: Proposed Glasgow Subway Stock

    Cars are lifted out by an indoor crane at Broomloan depot. There were no points or sidings on the pre-1977 system. Trains did run backwards when Glasgow Subway operated a shuttle service between Govan Cross and Patrick Cross when part of the line was suspended, such as flooding, engineering...
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    Trivia: Proposed Glasgow Subway Stock

    There were a few occasions pre-modernisation that rolling stock have been proposed. Firstly, the 1948 proposed extension would see the new rolling stock, which would have been a two-car unit, and would be based on continental tram instead on the tube train already used on 1896 built original...
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    Daft school rules

    There was a team leader called Sharon Bakker at my school residence who was a very strict lady. She is heavy handed at times and she even shouted and screamed at a pupil in a middle of the night while pupils are asleep. A senior care worker in the same school residence physically forced a pupil...
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    Omicron variant and the measures implemented in response to it

    This was tried in Austria, only to go back to full lockdown for all within days.
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    Diesel Classes on the Island of Sodor.

    Daisy the Metro-Cammell diesel single-car unit which is a recurring character. A Class 40 diesel appeared in Sodor once in ‘Bowed Out’ in both The Railway Series book (as D4711) and Thomas & Friends TV series (as D261). Another Class 40, 40125, also appeared in Sodor in BR Blue when it crashed...
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    GBRF confirms conversion of Class 56s to Class 69s

    I think this will be the standard livery for most Class 69s.
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    ScotRail - Possible future rolling stock plans?

    Thurso to Wick is another shout, I think it has been talked about a while back. Levenmouth line is to be electrified when it re-opens, but not on a Forth Rail Bridge, so somethings going to have to be done it, though it is suggested that this might be overhead / battery EMU.
  16. AlistairCowell

    ScotRail - Possible future rolling stock plans?

    Next new trains for non-electrified routes will be either be battery or hydrogen. I wouldn't be surprised if ScotRail orders VivaRail Class 230 units.
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    Earthport in 2081: The large tube trains that travels through the centre of the earth

    The large tube trains that is referred to in that book are the ones that ran on magnetic levitation, and the year 2081 is what the book had mentioned. Crossrail is a very different matter, although they can be referred to as large tube trains Although they have mentioned "possible", the author...
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    Earthport in 2081: The large tube trains that travels through the centre of the earth

    Probably not, but even so, the London Terminal could still be placed at Tonbridge :D
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    Earthport in 2081: The large tube trains that travels through the centre of the earth

    When I was at primary school as a kid, I read a book called 'The Young Engineer Book of Supertrains', and there was a page about the trains in the future, one of topics was about intercontinental vacuum tube trains that go through the centre of the Earth! This concept is called 'Earthport', set...
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    Shortest-lived rolling stock

    A Class 158 vehicle was written-off in July 1992 and had to obtain a replacement vehicle, the unit involved was 158861. 52209 (150209) and 52212 (150212), both DMSL vehicles, didn't last even long, being on separate accidents in the late 1980s. Their orphaned DMS vehicles, 57209 and 57212, were...