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    Recollections of past BR Christmas Traffics.

    Used to be an awful lot more interesting in the 1970's. From a personal perspective. Mail and Parcels traffics - immense with pre-planned extras all over , station platforms heavy with stacked mailbags and Brutes - the HST's coming into Swansea High Street had mailbags stacked to the roof of...
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    RATP Paris (Metro)

    Can I ask some advice ? - is it relevant or should it be Inernational. Daughters friend this pm in Paris on the Metro , encountered a block and showed the wrong (previous) single journey ticket - the proper one was in her bag , and got fined 40 Euros , on the spot despite showing the proper...
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    D Day 1944

    As today is the anniversary of the tragic ammunition train explosion at Soham where Fireman Gimbert and Signalman Frank Bridges lost their lives in reducing the effects of a catastrophe , in extreme bravery and with little thought of their own lives. Let us also recall the sterling efforts of...
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    St David's Day

    A bit late - but the Train Operators rose to my actual name. GWR handed out authentic Welsh cakes on the main line , and Valleys Line conductors either wore daffodils and /or made suitable anouncements over the PA. Not that I am at all biased ,born in West Wales and (weather permitting)...
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    Is Heathrow Express a good use of resources?

    Somewhere along the line - reported that the busiest HEX had an inwards load of 45% into Paddington at the morning peak. Using about 30% of the inwards main line peak capacity. Open Access in effect. Value for Money - discuss ?
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    GWR Pullman breakfast South Wales style !

    GWR have just introduced a Pullman catering service on the 1045 down train from Paddington (and a corresponding up service) about a week ago - which as a significant pre birthtday treat (the big 60) |I sampled today on a new 800 class unit. (Electric to Didcot) I cannot express how outstanding...
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    South Eastern Diversions

    I get free travel being a retired so and so , and today we attended a modest function in Blackheath for an 1830 start. Thameslink running only into St Pancras - and Blackfriars /CX and Cannot Street shut - so got the 1633 12 car - nicely loaded and checked in the tunnel for a while but OK -...
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    Swansea Metro ? Interesting concept to by-pass Neath and to create a short cut to Swansea , reduce journey times to Cardiff , and build a suburban service
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    Route and line sections - "cool" names

    Always liked the naming of the "Up Jericho" line at Oxford (think Morse) - other favourites are the "Up Fast / slow Holborn" approaching Blackfriars and the "Atlantic" lines on the Chatham section from Victoria. Any other good ones out there ....regrettably the "Electric Loop" towards Long...
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    Thameslink core "shut" (9-10 April)

    Has been since this morning , with a Bedford - St Pancras LL shuttle and soth London services diverted to either Blackfriars or London Bridge. Signalling issues apparently. Let us hope they sort if for the morning.
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    RER Paris fare evasion .....self explanatory
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    1916 the Somme Anyone pick this up ? - a good friend spotted them at Reading station and was handed a card for a (lost) Welsh Infrantry man.. They also travelled on the tube...spare a...
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    Velorail for Kidwelly

    One here for Mr Greenback... Announced as part of the Rail Tourism grants initiative. Seems very good value for £75k - using the long disused coal branch (BP+GVR) :D
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    No bus way conversion for the Watford - St Albans branch line Common sense prevails ....
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    Getting money back from FS (Italy)

    Some neighbours payed around £20 for a family journey from Lucca (ticket office shut and tix bought from Post Office) - this being on some sort of local holiday and there was a hugely reduced service - so they gave up and drove to Florence instead. Any ideas how to contact the labyrinthine...
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    Staff priv rates in Spain.(Talgo)

    Apologies if in the wrong place - I have a freee coupon for Spain and a chance of a trip in the next 72 hours - (drive down with a load and train back) Can anyone confirm if OK to use FIP free facilities on Talgo services - or is there just a standard seat reservation charge as on the TGV ...
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    10 teenagers (15+) St Albans to Brighton

    Helpful hints please for daughters group day out to Brighton plan - I guess the Groupsave or Daysave (which you can only buy bizzarely from the Tourist Office here) requires a genuine adult. Otherwise it is a standard off peak fare ? (some may have railcards) - don't want them to rebook / go...
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    Super off peak St Albans -Hereford

    Nephew has a £44 ticket for use on Monday - could some kind soul confirm when he can use if from Paddington. He wants to get the 0902 , but I suspect its a non starter (and he will have to pay excess , or buy a new ticket from SAC to Paddington) I don't do tickets !
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    More Daily Mail Madness ... I truly despair - does anyone admit to having an account with this quality paper so they can be put right !