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  1. TheBeard

    My suggestion to re-open the Whole Great Central route

    Hi have started a group to lobby and more to reopen the whole through route its just a proposal and thoughts both positive and negative and balanced are welcomed.
  2. TheBeard

    27007 One Last Chance

    Hi I hope I can post this here. The last original 27, is woebegone and needs an emergency body transplant! I have launched a crowdfunder, please prove diesel preservation can make it happen! Thanks
  3. TheBeard

    Class 22 Power Unit Bo'ness SRPS

    Barnfind of the century, power unit from Class 22 D6332 is happily operational once again, and available for running demonstration. Picture 60 and others show the MAN engine running. It was also in a couple of CLass 43 Warships, RAPID and VANQUISHER. Hope I can post the link...
  4. TheBeard

    Re: 10000

    58022 has been purchased by our Charitable Society. "" hidden away in the news section. Sincere thanks to RailUKforums for allowing us to promote our cause. We are always on the lookout for help, our engineers are planning plasma cutting but los of work needed meantime, any...
  5. TheBeard

    The LMS diesel 10000 project: Donations required

    The 10,000, To quote Mr Bond, CME. A brief update on the project to recreate 10000, the LMS diesel that started it all. Just to let you all know the project, whilst quiescent for some time, is still pootling along. The probably Unique Mark 1 16SVT was successfully winterised today, probably...