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  1. Killingworth

    Services between Manchester and Sheffield

    This is an under cover route, both through the long tunnels and because the service has become unpredictable, particularly at weekends. That's ironic because weekend leisure use seems to be recovering very well and is up to pre-Covid levels on nice days. After the Northern strikes 2 or 3 years...
  2. Killingworth

    Broken Level Crossings

    Sometimes one has to laugh at oneself, like sitting for 25 minutes yesterday waiting for the barriers to rise at Smeafield crossing in Northumberland. Every 3 minutes or so a train to watch. LNER, LUMO, XC and finally a 3 car Scotrail. RTT then says nothing for 15 minutes but still they didn't...
  3. Killingworth

    Toilets and unmanned stations

    Are there any unmanned stations that have public toilets provided by the TOC? If there are, how are they maintained? How can they be kept safe and operational? I ask because an amazing number of people arrive at our station and immediately ask where are the toilets, including folks alighting...
  4. Killingworth

    Solving the Class 68 noise issues

    All the rumours about possible redeployment of Nova 3s due to the noise of 68s at stabling points begs the question of where would happily accept them from the noise viewpoint? Shunting them elsewhere doesn't solve it and standing in Cleethorpes, Piccadilly or the Airport can't be any better...
  5. Killingworth

    Buxton Spa Express 29/9/2021

    Was running 40 minutes late (watering issue at Breadsall) when it exited Totley Tunnel at Grindleford today, hauled by 46100 Royal Scot. Video Arrived 69 minutes late at Buxton at 14.33. Left again at 15.39 so not long to see Buxton.
  6. Killingworth

    Tornado Caledonian cancelled Saturday 18th

    From Tornado Railtours Facebook page; "We are extremely sorry to advise ‘The Caledonian’ scheduled for Saturday 18th September 2021 is cancelled. Despite significant efforts by all parties, it has not been possible to identify a workable timetable for the train to Edinburgh that allows time to...
  7. Killingworth

    Accessible trains and toilets

    In recent years the railway industry has spent immense sums to provide improved accomodation for those with disabilities. The most obvious is larger train toilets and space beside them for a wheelchair. I'm sure I can't be the only rail user who has rarely seen a wheelchair being taken aboard a...
  8. Killingworth

    GBR signage?

    Not sure if this has been covered elsewhere, but was out in the Hope Valley today and spotted the station name boards at Hope and Edale no longer carry any TOC branding. Is this the new GBR standard? Quite nostalgic - back to old British Railways style but with larger lettering.
  9. Killingworth

    All Northern self-service ticket machines off line 13/7/2021

    A major fault as they seem to have all been offline all day, see website.
  10. Killingworth

    Hope Valley: best use of capacity

    Moderator note: Split from Leisure use of Hope Valley stopping trains may be running close to, and in some cases higher than, pre-Covid levels. Skip stopping is as bad as ever as I discovered on Friday when...
  11. Killingworth

    Various consultations on the May 2022 East Coast Mainline timetable

    Mod Note: It appears that there are currently four separate consultations underway between CrossCountry, LNER, Transpennine Express, Northern and Great Northern/Thameslink relating to the May 2022 timetable change and their ECML services. Links to all four are below and some documents have been...
  12. Killingworth

    Railtours post-Covid

    We took the A1 Tornado Pennine tour yesterday that started at Leicester, via York, almost Newcastle to Carlisle and back over the Settle and Carlisle via Leeds. Nice trip with very many on platforms, oveebridgrs,leaning over fences and standing in fields to watch. All safely as far as I could...
  13. Killingworth

    Could EMR HSTs be sent to GWR to cover for IETs?

    Moderator note: Split from Perish the thought, but could they be being withdrawn early to send to GWR?
  14. Killingworth

    Split ticketing websites and Apps not making clear the need to remain on same train

    Twice recently I've seen passengers leave a westbound Hope Valley service at Dore & Totley and watch the train draw away from the single platform with no other trains in sight. Both were wanting Hope to walk to Castleton. Oops. A threesome were happy to go for a walk in the local area instead...
  15. Killingworth

    A group called 'Midlands Connect' proposes changes to XC services, adding additional stops at Coventry

    From Newcastle Chronicle today Plans for new hourly rail services from Newcastle to Birmingham and Coventry I'll stand back on this as Cross Country trains are currently running all but empty. They've axed most stops at Chesterfield because they can't keep to timetable even with fewer trains...
  16. Killingworth

    Casualties of COVID - the emergency cuts of the 20s

    Not humans, rail services. This week we've seen the restoration of many services but there are still a lot of trains that aren't running to the timetables intended to operate from May. There's a £500m fund to restore old railways cut in the Beeching era, but what's at risk now? How many of these...
  17. Killingworth

    Ilkeston station services, Erewash Valley Line

    Ilkeston originally had three stations but all were closed in the 1950s and 60s. Allegedly it was left as the largest town with a railway line running through, but without an active station. After a determined local campaign a new station finally opened in April 2017. Estimated passenger...
  18. Killingworth

    ORR Passenger Rail Usage 2019-20 Q1 Statistical Release

    Not sure if anyone has posted this but some interesting facts; Not least that passenger numbers are rising, eg "Nationally, the number of passenger journeys increased by 10.4 million (2.4%) compared to 2018-19 Q1...
  19. Killingworth

    South TPE route should get a better service than at present

    Moderator note: Split from It may happen one day that the South Pennine route will finally get the 6 coach 185s promised for the last 2 or 3 years. 15 year old trains are seen as a step up on the Hope Valley route...
  20. Killingworth

    Railways and golf courses

    Gleneagles is famous for its railway hotel and three golf courses, all within about a mile of the station, probably unique in Britain unless anyone knows different. Many golf courses are near stations. Are there any other stations within a mile of 3, or maybe more, 18 hole golf courses? There...