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    FREE train travel on your birthday-Austria.

    Provided you hold their Vorteilscard=Railcard. This is quite hefty at 99€/yr for normal adults, but just 29€ for junior<26 and senior>64 or 65 (gets raised slowly). Offer will last till april 2019. You can just buy one any moment at staffed sales-points, you get a paper temporary one valid 1...
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    Changes to InterRail for 2016

    From 1/1 there will be several changes/improvements and this may interest some of you: a.prices are set in EUR and remain mostly unchanged/or raised very little, in GBP this may even mean lower price. b.there will be new passes for 7 and 15 days to use in 1 month c.the period to use the 5 and...
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    DB-(Germany) muss besser and billiger

    The new CEO has promised recently to make this railway better and cheaper. Cheap fares: for this summer 2.000.000 19 eur single fares were offered for online sale only and as it was declared a success (I bought 4) another 250.000 were offered-now gone, untill 31/7. This also to counteract...
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    DB offers dirct bus to/from LONdon

    For a train of them one has to wait+wait. But, just for 3 weekends around Xmas, FROM 20/12 till 4/1/15, ONLY SAT and SUN, overnight, to ANTwerpen (19eur)-Eindhoven (14 eur)- to Dusseldorf (29 eur). can combine with some shrewd planning in IC-trains to points further in DE for same price. If...