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  1. DelW

    Weymouth Harbour, The End Of Southern Steam, Dorset Coast Statesman 9th july 2022

    I've never been on a Northern Belle trip, but I recall a rare-tracks charter on which the group across the aisle from us started on their (substantial) stock of wine just after the train left Paddington. It was soon after 7am. By the time we reached the rare trackage in early afternoon, they...
  2. DelW

    Shops & other venues that still insist on masks.

    Within the last couple of weeks, my local Homebase shop has removed all the plastic screens from around the tills, and removed the barriers that made everybody approach the tills from one direction. The latter was actually quite useful at busy times, since a single queue fed all the open...
  3. DelW

    Serious Amtrak derailment in Missouri (27/06)

    Two factors that may worsen US numbers in comparison with European, is the difference in both length and speed of trains. Most European trains are less than half a mile long, and usually travelling at 50 - 60mph, so they're only on the crossing for 30 seconds or so. Plenty of US freights are 2 -...
  4. DelW

    Serious Amtrak derailment in Missouri (27/06)

    It was statistically quite unlikely that a collision at that location would involve a passenger train, since there's only one Amtrak each way per day among dozens of freights including high speed Z-trains. Had it been a freight that hit the truck it would have attracted relatively little...
  5. DelW

    Serious Amtrak derailment in Missouri (27/06)

    Eastbound Southwest Chief suffered major derailment east of Kansas City, following a collision at an open farm crossing. Initial reports stated that the other vehicle involved was a dump truck. Curiously the lead loco looks to be upright and on the rails, trailing loco and baggage car are...
  6. DelW

    SWR Metro fleet withdrawals

    Since ROSCOs are commercial organisations, I think it will depend on their assessment of whether there is any potential future value in the units, over and above their current scrap value. That future value might come from use by another TOC, recovery of spares, seats, etc. or even just the...
  7. DelW

    Station platforms, it's gone too far, it's crossed a red line (literally)

    It's getting a bit off topic, but I'd suggest that those mirrors increase the risk on pavements, in comparison with on railway platforms. There's a narrow road near me where I have had to dodge mirrors, despite being on the pavement, when two large vans were passing each other. The driver was...
  8. DelW

    Sundays - back to the traditional?

    Before around the late 1980s, pubs were only permitted to open 12 - 2pm and 7 - 10:30pm on Sundays. That meant that to get a pub lunch, you needed to get there and order before about 1pm, and if you were coming home from a day out or weekend away, you couldn't stop in for a refreshment break...
  9. DelW

    All railway ticket offices in England to close?

    Even if true, closing ticket offices doesn't mean electronic tickets being the only option. E-tickets can be printed on paper, and ticket machines will presumably survive to provide cardboard tickets too.
  10. DelW

    Station platforms, it's gone too far, it's crossed a red line (literally)

    Not forgetting that around Britain there are thousands, possibly millions, of miles of roadside pavements that have lorries, buses and cars passing within a foot or two, often at more than 25mph, yet we don't find it necessary to paint yellow and red lines down all of those. Which is just as...
  11. DelW

    Track lubrication systems and implementation query please

    I'd love to do that line again, I travelled along it on the 100th anniversary of its opening* in the summer of 1970. These days I can still get a fix of rail joint sounds on the Heart of Wales, though it works better in the middle of a 150 than on a single 153. *The last section to the Kyle...
  12. DelW

    TRIVIA: Statues at railway stations

    I have to admit that when I read post 56, my first thought was that the Curse of Autocorrupt had struck again :lol:
  13. DelW

    Track lubrication systems and implementation query please

    I realise that minimising the workload of p-way maintenance is as important to preserved lines as to Network Rail, but I miss the traditional "clickety-clack" of wheels on jointed rails when CWR is used instead. Of course there are still quite a few places where it can be heard, including on NR.
  14. DelW

    Trivia: Stations with non-geographical names

    On the earliest map I've found on the NLS site, Bournville is shown as a place name for a hamlet with a station, but a "cocoa factory", presumably the forerunner of Cadbury's, had already been already established. Several placenames in the area derive from a stream called Bourn Brook (a bourne...
  15. DelW

    Transport for Wales 769's

    Maybe because on Thameslink, drivers weren't noted for opening the throttle* slowly! *(Yes, I do know it isn't actually a throttle on an electric unit)
  16. DelW

    GWR Class 769 information & discussion.

    Today (16th June) marks exactly a year since I first photographed a 769 running on the North Downs line. I think that was the first occasion that one had worked through to Gatwick, if not then it was quite close to the first time. I didn't imagine then that a full year later, not only would...
  17. DelW

    Trivia: Stations with non-geographical names

    There are stations named after pubs, either with no geographical context, e.g. Bat and Ball (near Sevenoaks) or with a confusingly pseudo-geographical name, e.g. Portsmouth Arms (near Barnstaple).
  18. DelW

    Class 707 to Southeastern Dates

    The 701 discussion is here: Many expected dates have come and gone, but it seems a safe bet that no-one really knows how long it will take to resolve the remaining problems, especially with...
  19. DelW

    Would this be allowed in the UK?

    The particular geometry at this location makes it look dramatic, but in principle it's no different from three trains passing each other on a four track line with facing crossovers. I think similar situations must occur many times a day at e.g. the approaches to Waterloo.
  20. DelW

    Difficulties building your railway line

    I've mentioned elsewhere on these forums that in the late 1970s I was involved in removing an abandoned branch line embankment that was on the line of the M25 then under construction. The lower levels of the embankment consisted of uncompacted lumps of clay, bigger and with more voids towards...