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  1. johnnychips

    Songs where you go “Aargh” and lurch for the Off button

    There seem to be a few threads about songs you react to, but I think this is a new category. You are having a pleasant day listening to the car radio, when suddenly this song comes on. You scream and turn it off immediately because you really, really can’t stand it. Mine is ‘Young at Heart’...
  2. johnnychips

    Trivia: largest place without a pub?

    I apologise if this has been posted before, but if it was pre-Covid then it may have changed. I heard that Frinton might win this title because of some religious covenant, but I’m not sure. I would count working men’s clubs etc. as a pub. Now whether you would count a restaurant with a drinks...
  3. johnnychips

    The Chip Shop Thread

    OK, let’s do it. Just some observations having moved from near Manchester to South Yorkshire about forty years ago: No steak puddings in Yorkshire Meat and Potato pies not the dominant pie in Yorkshire. Manchester ones much better. And I will ask a question - what would you get if you asked...
  4. johnnychips

    Sheffield to Stalybridge

    Just a quick one. Would an off peak any permitted day return be valid via Penistone and Huddersfield, rather than just changing at Manchester? Thanks, John
  5. johnnychips

    Trivia: Largest settlement not served by any buses

    I am sure there has been a thread similar to this before, but despite various searches, I cannot find it. In the comedy novel Ancestral Vices by Tom Sharpe, the main character visited a settlement named Buscott, population 4500, which the locals named ironically ‘Bus Stop’ as it had no bus...
  6. johnnychips

    Things you don’t see outside any more

    Following on from the ‘Things that used to be commonplace in the home’ thread, shall we continue with the nostalgia? This was inspired by this quote: and I remember there used to be a lot of public Gents urinals, which were little more than a wall, with a bit of a curved entrance so people...
  7. johnnychips

    Bizarre conversations you have overheard

    Any examples of this? It needn’t be on a train. But I heard this on the stopper from Donny to Sheffield today: ’My legs are really hairy’ ’Well why don’t you get them done?’ ’It’s my waxwoman, she’s started keeping geese and I don’t agree with that ‘ Unfortunately the train arrived in...
  8. johnnychips

    Daft school rules

    Were there any rules you considered stupid when you were a kid? As a parent or teacher, are there any rules you think are ridiculous now? I remember, as a child of the 70s, I was told by my headmaster (not headteacher) that ‘your hair mustn’t touch your collar‘ and ‘you need to have a shave’...
  9. johnnychips

    ECML problem at Bawtry 9/11/21

    At Doncaster all services towards Leeds, London and York are delayed. The announcer said that all trains were sat near Bawtry as there was a problem with the electric supply. Passengers advised to take 1835 stopper to Sheffield and change there for York, Leeds and St Pancras. I think a lot...
  10. johnnychips

    What products can you remember that have disappeared?

    Another nostalgia thread, vaguely following on from this one: When I grew up in the 60s there used to be various soap powders: I remember Daz, Omo, Oxydol and Persil. Now the first and...
  11. johnnychips

    Quick query - Severn Valley Railway

    Is this railway only pre-book at the moment or can you turn up on the day. There seems to be nothing available tomorrow (Thu 28th). Thanks in anticipation.
  12. johnnychips

    Your experience of Jury Service

    I was very struck by a post in another thread by @Islineclear3_1 Four months! If you were working, what did your employer think? Have any members any experiences to share (that you are allowed to, of course)? I’ve never got the call.
  13. johnnychips

    Wi-fi on trains

    I have a smartphone supplied by a network with 4G. I have very often noticed that on the trains I use a lot (Northern, TPE, XC) that when the train tries to connect me to the wi-fi, and indeed the wi-if bars/crescents replace the 4G symbol, I get a message saying that ‘wi-fi is not available’ on...
  14. johnnychips

    Trivia: Smallest place with a National Express/Megabus/Flixbus/Citylink coach service

    Following this thread, about which was the largest place without a coach service I wonder what the smallest place is with a coach service. A couple of years ago, I would have thought possibly Crowden, on...
  15. johnnychips

    What do you call the meal between 1200 and 1400, and where do you come from?

    This is to avoid derailing a Covid thread, where I recounted my experiences at ‘dinner time’, which I would count as about 1200-1400. The learned contributor @Jimini then suggested it should be ‘lunchtime’. What do you call it, and where do you come from? It is not always possible to see your...
  16. johnnychips

    Booster vaccinations?

    I haven’t heard much about this recently. Assuming people have had their two standard vaccinations, are there any plans for boosters for certain categories or age groups? And will it have to be the same type of vaccine? I have heard some evidence that ‘mixing’ the vaccination type can...
  17. johnnychips

    Trivia: Coast-to-coast services in the UK

    Mods: feel free to shift elsewhere There haven’t been many petty geographical arguments on the forum recently, so I thought I would start a thread that will create them. Today it was announced that TPE are considering through Cleethorpes to Liverpool services in the future. This would be a...
  18. johnnychips

    What do you think about ‘pings’ because of the Track and Trace App?

    This has been mentioned in several threads, but there isn’t really a unifying one. Apparently a lot of businesses are having problems because so many of their staff are being told to self-isolate because of the Track and Trace app, even though most of them show no symptoms, and if tested, it is...
  19. johnnychips

    Good stations and their exits which inspire and reflect their settlement

    As an opposite to this thread: How about good stations with a nice exit which make you think ‘hey, this place will be good!’ I will nominate Sheffield. The station is OK...
  20. johnnychips

    Which stations look poor compared with the settlement they serve?

    This was inspired by a thread by @Llandudno on the UK section. So how about international? I would nominate Liege. Not the magnificent but splendidly unfunctional Guillemins station, but the central one. It used to be named Liege Palais but I believe has been renamed St Lambert. Liege has its...