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  1. johnnychips

    Walking and Rambling discussion

    Yes I think it would.
  2. johnnychips

    Songs where you go “Aargh” and lurch for the Off button

    Yes, that Toploader one is a definite switch off. I wish I hadn’t created this thread now as ’Young at Heart’ has been an ‘ear worm’ all bl*8dy day!
  3. johnnychips

    Trivia: Songs that remind you of a particular location on the railway

    I was overtired on an all line rover at about two in the morning between Crewe and Shrewsbury- that might tell you how long ago it was - and the song ’Dance Away’ by Roxy Music entered by head and became as one with the rhythm of the train. I haven’t taken mind-altering drugs, but I think that...
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    What's the Happiest Song You've Listened to?

    I vote for Taio Cruz with ‘Dynamite’. It never fails to put me in a good mood.
  5. johnnychips

    Songs where you go “Aargh” and lurch for the Off button

    Do you know, I think I struggle to listen to that too…I wonder what it is?
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    Songs where you go “Aargh” and lurch for the Off button

    There seem to be a few threads about songs you react to, but I think this is a new category. You are having a pleasant day listening to the car radio, when suddenly this song comes on. You scream and turn it off immediately because you really, really can’t stand it. Mine is ‘Young at Heart’...
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    Rail strikes discussion thread

    Quite. I was in the public sector till 2017, and my current job’s wages are linked to it. Unfortunately we didn’t have the balls to do anything about it.
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    Rail strikes discussion thread

    I must say I was harrumphing a bit about the strike on Tuesday when I had to get the 90 minute X78 instead of my lovely 25 minute 170 from Sheffield to Doncaster, but having seen the offer I am now behind the RMT. The offer is taking the p*ss.
  9. johnnychips

    Should bullying in schools be banned?

    I would have thought that any sort of showers after PE - communal or otherwise - would be rare these days because of time constraints and the availability of deodorant, and much wider availability of showers when you get home.
  10. johnnychips

    Sundays - back to the traditional?

    Let marriage be held in honor among all, and let the marriage bed be undefiled, for God will judge the sexually immoral and adulterous. Hebrews 13:4. To be honest does anybody give a monkey’s about all this these days?
  11. johnnychips

    Cryptic clues = station name

    Preston Park?
  12. johnnychips

    Food prices

    I would totally agree with this. It’s the last place I’ve found Domestos bleach for £1 and cooking oil for £2 a litre.
  13. johnnychips

    Trivia: largest place without a pub?

    I apologise if this has been posted before, but if it was pre-Covid then it may have changed. I heard that Frinton might win this title because of some religious covenant, but I’m not sure. I would count working men’s clubs etc. as a pub. Now whether you would count a restaurant with a drinks...
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    Marking a forum as read

    This has happened to me, but the obvious quesstion is, what’s the easiest way to reverse it. Is it coding the whole thing down and reopening or is there an easier way?
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    Sundays - back to the traditional?

    Actually, I would have expected the Queen to know a lot as she has always taken her duties very seriously - and I’m no monarchist. However, I can’t see how Charles can ever be credible because of his divorce: OK we can’t all be perfect, but if we follow the bible’s principles, I would have...
  16. johnnychips

    Walking and Rambling discussion

    After a lot of weekends sorting out family stuff, it was great to be back out. I walked along the line of the River Dove on the Derbyshire side from Mayfield to Longnor. Glorious weather, neither hot nor cold, and the only crowded bit was around the stepping stones at the south end of Dovedale...
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    Settlement Association

    Brixton famously has Electric Avenue but Hollingworth has a Gas Street.
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    The Transport Game (UK)

    Then we take the Stagecoach Oxfordshire 233 bus at 1655 to Burford Primary School arriving at 1725 on Tuesday afternoon.
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    Settlement Association

    According to this website there are 927 things to do in New Sharlston. One of which is Diggerland in Castleford, which isn’t in New Sharlston, and I suspect the other 926 aren’t either.
  20. johnnychips

    Ditra Chimes

    What are these?