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    Go Op give up on Nuneaton

    Not sure if it has been discussed before, but it looks like Go Op have given up on the Taunton Nuneaton (was Birmingham) idea and have gone for a condensed Taunton Swindon shuttle. Still persisting 10 years on!
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    CrossCountry Voyager fire Derby 18 Jul 18

    Whoopsie (taken from WNXX forum)
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    Alliance Blackpool service to be run by Grand Central and start in 2021

    This one has snuck on to the ORR website today by the looks of it. Link Wonder if this will really get off the ground now.
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    New Stations fund - next list announced

    Horden Peterlee in County Durham which will receive £4.4 million of DfT funding towards a scheme worth £10.55 million Warrington West in Cheshire, which will receive £4.23 million towards a total project cost of £17.2 million Reading Green Park which will receive £2.3 million towards a total...
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    Charter loco on fire Northampton

    1Z64 getting toasty at Northampton apparently.
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    No more freight on the Chase line after the summer

    Rugeley power station is to close in the summer, means no more freight along there until the Cannock intermodal terminal gets off the ground.
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    Could Norton Bridge works unlock extra paths?

    A lot has been played on this report saying that Norton Bridge allows a load of extra paths, it isn't specific on where they are going to and from and I really can't see where they are, especially south of Rugby.
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    Shaw report - future shape and financing of NR

    This has now been published as an initial scoping report at 76 pages. Shaw report
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    RMT vote 4 to 1 to strike over NR pay

    Just seen on the BBC website.
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    ORR say no to Alliance operating trains on the WCML again?

    Not got it to hand but I hear ORR have said no again.
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    £53.1 million fine for Network Rail

    Story here BBC
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    Virgin extension until 2017

    Virgin get an extension until 2017. Makes sense if Dec 16 is going to get a bit of an overhaul Virgin press release
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    Late-night Virgin train passengers 'can't get off' at Nuneaton

    Hysterical stuff! BBC Story
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    Wires to Windermere announced

    Looks like some through services would be pretty much nailed on. DfT story
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    Rail Operations Group

    Rail Operations Group Couldn't find a mention of this in the search facility. Appears they are looking to be like a driver agency and will train drivers up for hire to TOC/FOCs. Thoughts? Will TOCs take them on or will they prefer their own training regimes and recruitment?
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    Great Western to DOR?

    RMT claiming this is possible according to their website.
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    Moreton-on-Lugg verdict: Network Rail fined £450,000

    Signaller fined £1750 and 275 unpaid work according to Sky on Twitter.
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    Flooding and Weather Disruption (Nov 2012)

    As the title says, all gone a bit Pete Tong, apparently platform 12 at New St is a bit moist too.
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    West Coast friday chaos..

    Fatality at Hemel Hempstead, 1A32 involved, not looking too good out there at the mo. Incident 668966, 1156 minutes delay so far at 1532.
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    Video: London to Birmingham and New St works, 1967

    This was doing the rounds at work today, well worth 10 minutes of your time, no idea if it has been posted before. Apologies if it has. London to Birmingham