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    Latest Heritage Railways report (APPG)

    I am looking for a copy of the report that the All Party Parliamentary Group on Heritage Railways has produced with regards to public transport and tourism with a particular focus on heritage railways. Has anyone read it and if the copy is in the public domain, please could you share it. Thank...
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    Obligations to join countywide ticketing schemes

    Is there any obligation on a bus operator providing a commercial route/service to sign up to county/area wide ticketing schemes? Is there any “firm” guidance? I am aware that they are usually run as a “separate” organisation to the local authority transport body with governance including the...
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    Nottingham Tram - phase 1 route

    Has anyone got any background into why the route for phase 1 of Nottingham tram was chosen particularly the route south of Wilkinson Street. Do any parts of this section follow any former railway lines? How many redevelopment/property demolitions and road layout changes were required? Most...
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    Suggestions for enabling a rail link to Skelmersdale

    Moderator note: Split from This is moving us to speculative but an easier implementation than the station might be the power supply upgrade and existing infrastructure...
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    Have your say on Haxby

    Call for contributions to Haxby bid to NSF3. Many of you will be aware that it was not successful in round 1. Potential NSF3 bid for you @Jorge Da Silva
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    Booking SNCF tickets - mobile number

    I have just booked tickets through the oui SNCF app. They wanted a mobile phone number. I entered my number with an international call reference for a UK number. Will I get any texts to confirm my booking or is it French numbers only or is it only used if there are issues? Thank you
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    Copenhagen - anything of interest

    Has anyone got any thoughts or comments about anything of interest that is rail or public transport based on Copenhagen. Also interested in model railways and museums.
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    Metropoly - West Yorks point-based game

    Just seen this Tweet that is being completed by ITS students at Leeds Uni. I’m sure it might inspire some people! Today's the day! Teams of students have embarked upon a day-long journey around West Yorkshire in this year's Metropoly...
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    Bus Shelter Design

    Leeds City Council are consulting on a number of projects in the city centre, one of which is the quality of their bus shelters. The shelters are a fairly standard design There is a little niggle...
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    Rail Tourism Fund

    Two years ago, the government announced the winners of the Rail Tourism Fund. Very interested to find out what has happened since. Velorail doesn’t seem to have taken off.
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    Luton Airport Parkway

    I was just wondering if anyone could flesh out the background to Luton Airport Parkway being opened in 1999. Who/what provided the momentum to get it constructed? Where did the money come from? How did an airport with under 4m passengers justify such an investment
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    New Pudsey A647 Ring Road Bridge

    There are three bridges at New Pudsey railway station 1. The footbridge serving the station 2. The narrow road bridge allowing cars to access the railway station car park 3. The bridge that allows the A647 Ring Road to cross the railway line Looking at bridge number 3, does there appear...
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    Pop up Depot Warrington

    Has anyone got any details about this new depot for Concrete in Warrington. The exact location and what has been built would be great as well as the length of the trains expected to use it...
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    158906 Destination Kit

    I am on 158906 with some new PA kit inside. How long has this been on? It has destination scrollers at the end of a carriage and screen showing next stops in the middle of the carriage. The carriage is also heavily sponsored on the outside
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    National Rail to Zone 1 on London buses

    Can you use rail tickets that are from a national rail station to zone 1 on London buses in zone 1? A colleague was interested following the tube closure at Kings Cross earlier this week.
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    £1m for small community/heritage rail projects

    The Department for Transport have offered £1m for projects to encourage more people to travel by rail Any suggestions?
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    Barking Riverside funding

    Is anyone able to advise if the funding was confirmed for the Barking Riverside extension on Tuesday
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    RTV London Zone Tickets

    I've claimed for a colleagues failed train journey on VTEC. They have paid us in RTVs. The tickets state that they cannot be used to procure London Underground travel. So does that mean they cannot be used for Wakefield to London Zone 2 tickets?
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    RHTT - filling them up

    How do they fill RHTT's? I'm assuming it's a 'hosepipe' from the depots washing facilities. Is it a decent sized pipe that fills it quickly or a couple of garden hosepipes?
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    GN train hits buffers at Kings Cross I'm posting from my phone, so would appreciate normalisation by the moderators as per the rules. A 317 has hit the buffer stops on P11 at Kings Cross. They're still at Kings Cross now.