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  1. DelW

    Serious Amtrak derailment in Missouri (27/06)

    Eastbound Southwest Chief suffered major derailment east of Kansas City, following a collision at an open farm crossing. Initial reports stated that the other vehicle involved was a dump truck. Curiously the lead loco looks to be upright and on the rails, trailing loco and baggage car are...
  2. DelW

    The Fifteen Billion Pound Railway (Crossrail AKA Elizabeth Line)

    Two hour-long episodes on BBC4 at 7pm tonight and tomorrow (6th & 7th June), subtitled "Under Pressure, Over Budget", following the final stages of the construction of London's Crossrail (sic). It's not clear from the listings I've seen whether these are repeats, edited repeats, or new episodes.
  3. DelW

    Are/Will the class 769s be suitable for the North Downs Line?

    That surprises me, having watched a couple of the early test runs last summer. I watched 943 making good speed up the 1:100 from Shalford towards Chilworth, and again at the top of the 1:96 from Dorking towards Gomshall. In both cases I'd say the speed was comparable with the Turbos. Of course...
  4. DelW

    Plastic recycling confusion

    There's much arcane knowledge around these forums, are there any experts on plastic recycling? I've always assumed that the three arrows triangle symbol means that a material is recyclable, subject of course to the appropriate processing stream being available. However I've encountered an...
  5. DelW

    Sounds of the Sixties ... (or later)

    The post above appeared in the thread about the return of the 442s, but rather than drag that more off-topic, it prompted me to start a new one with a couple of my memories of railway sounds of years ago. When I was a child, my grandparents lived near Harringay station too, and well within...
  6. DelW

    Walking Britain's Lost Railways - TV series - Nov/Dec 2020

    Channel 5 is scheduling a new series, starting at 8pm this Friday (27th Nov) with an episode about north Devon. The synopsis mentions Barnstaple to Ilfracombe and the Lynton and Barnstaple. The presenter is Rob Bell again. Allegedly it's number one of four, but knowing C5's attitude to...
  7. DelW

    World's Busiest Stations - Channel 5

    On channel 5 at 7pm tonight (28th Sep), "World's Busiest Train (sic) Stations", starting with Zurich Hauptbahnhof. Billed as new in my listings mag, though that's not always reliable, but in this case I don't remember having seen it before. No indication of how many episodes are intended.
  8. DelW

    "The Railway Adventures" - Geoff Marshall & Vicki Pipe

    Anyone who followed their journey around "All The Stations" on You Tube a year or two ago might like to know that the book based on their travels is currently available in hardback from discount bookshop The Works for £6. (Note: as far as I can see, all the existing threads on the subject of...
  9. DelW

    Derailment at Redhill 17/7

    Local travel news this morning referred to an earlier derailment causing delays to Reigate - Gatwick and Redhill - Tonbridge services. At the moment (08:00) there is a GWR unit stationary on the Tonbridge line south of Redhill (which is highly unusual), with a Southern unit at a stand beyond it...
  10. DelW

    Break of Journey in London

    I think I know the answer to this one, but would just like some confirmation... On Sunday evening I'll be travelling from Milton Keynes to Surrey using the return half of an off-peak period return. However I want to stop off to meet friends near Leicester Square. AIUI my NR ticket will be good...
  11. DelW

    Break of journey at Shrewsbury?

    Next month I have booked an advance single from the Heart of Wales line onto the Cambrian coast with a change at Shrewsbury. Unfortunately, looking at times, I just miss a connection at Shrewsbury (by 2 minutes if both on time) meaning a 1h 58m wait for the next train. Does anyone have...
  12. DelW

    Isle of Wight Driver's Eye View video

    Anyone who wants an armchair look at the island's railway infrastructure and rolling stock might like to know that Video125 are currently offering a free download of their Isle of Wight Driver's Eye View video (I think until the end of this month). It doesn't show the inside of Ryde tunnel...
  13. DelW

    Time warp PIS?

    Travelling on a GWR North Downs line train this evening, the normal scrolling list of stations was followed by a message for pax "travelling this Christmas". It then warned of NR works at London and Cardiff, and recommended visiting a website " 2016". Where might that have been...
  14. DelW

    TOD problems

    I an always dubious about using Ticket On Departure (TOD), and events today have confirmed my opinion. I have a work trip next week, booked by my employer through our regular travel agent, with tickets to be collected using the booking reference. I didn't want to leave ticket collection...
  15. DelW

    Whistle / horn signals

    In June's "Trains" magazine (from the USA), it states in reply to a reader's question that the standard US level crossing warning, long-long-short-long blasts of the locomotive horn, originated in Britain. (It actually refers to England, but then most Americans don't understand the difference...
  16. DelW

    Advance ticket validity on SWT

    Next month I'm going from Surrey to Liverpool for a long weekend, travelling on first-class advance singles each way, route via London. On Virgin I'm restricted to specified seats on specified trains, as usual for advances. The tickets also state specified trains on SWT, though of course...
  17. DelW

    4tph on Portsmouth Direct

    Over on the extensive thread on the new SWT franchise, there was some brief discussion over the First/MTR intention to run 4 trains per hour to Portsmouth over the Direct line. In the days of the pre-Stagecoach shadow franchise (‘95-‘96), there were three Pompeys per off-peak hour leaving...
  18. DelW

    Bridge to nowhere?

    Travelling on UK Railtours 'Bridge Too Far' tour last Saturday, we spent some time shuffling in to and out of Church Path Pit sidings, just east of Ebbsfleet. While doing so I noticed a substantial bridge across HS1 just south of Ebbsfleet International station, which has no approaches from...
  19. DelW

    Locos running round their trains

    I have a question prompted by reading a short story over the weekend, in which a character was described as regularly taking a train to London, always sitting facing the engine. This struck me as an anachronism, since although there are still loco-hauled trains into London, AFAIK they are all...