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  1. Paul Kelly

    Contactless fares to Heathrow

    I always assumed they were calculated by the system "on the fly" rather than being specifically listed as, for example, a Reading to Hatton Cross fare. Do you know if any of the FOI responses have given some clearer info on this?
  2. Paul Kelly

    The "morality" of not sharing loophole tickets publicly

    Documentation on the data format is here: - it is quite complicated though. Very many months or even years of work for one person to make sense of it all. Much more complicated than the routeing guide, actually!
  3. Paul Kelly

    Swindon to Feltham routing query

    No it's not - it's 72% more expensive. The fares on this route are set by GWR and benefit from its policy of setting the price of long distance singles at approx. 60% of the return price.
  4. Paul Kelly

    The "morality" of not sharing loophole tickets publicly

    Have you tried Liverpool to Ramsgate? I seem to remember that had even more when I tried the same some years back.
  5. Paul Kelly

    Showing split e-tickets before the starting point

    Which TOCs pay guards/revenue inspectors per scan? Really interesting as it's not unknown for split ticketing sites to offer more tickets than actually required for the cheapest price.
  6. Paul Kelly

    Would this be valid?

    Yes I suppose this has all been done to death in the past, but Section F of the routeing guide is in my opinion not reliable or definitive enough to base an assessment of the compliance of journey planner implementations on... I was thinking more of Section A which strongly implies the common...
  7. Paul Kelly

    Would this be valid?

    Surely it is not as simple as this? The routeing guide says that you may not doubleback when availing of the common routeing point rule. This sounds wrong to me. If you change short of the routeing point, then you are no longer on a permitted route because (as you say) you must take direct...
  8. Paul Kelly

    ITSO Smart Card and Network Card with a one day Travelcard

    Brief (hopefully readable) summary of conditions for different railcards is here:!info?type=railcard in case it's useful! 1654548663 There are a few mistakes in that page: Morning peak rules for Senior and Family & Friends railcards are confused - the same rule applies...
  9. Paul Kelly

    Invalid itinerary but ticket sold

    It isn't as daft as it sounds though; I think the intended meaning was that you can use a fare routed "Not London" when following mapped routes to and from London, i.e. that it is acceptable to change short of London.
  10. Paul Kelly

    Crossrail - operating discussion and opening day 24th May

    Probably because the minimum connection time at Farringdon is only 3 minutes (seems ridiculously short for the long walking distances people are talking about), compared to 15 minutes at Paddington.
  11. Paul Kelly

    Elizabeth Line Post-Opening Fare anomalies on TfL only journey charged in NR fare scale

    Thanks for posting the Daily Telegraph article. I think this story is going to grow and grow in the media, and suspect that DfT have no mitigation plan for the further anomalies that will be introduced when Contactless is rolled out further across the Southeast. Could this be the first time TfL...
  12. Paul Kelly

    Elizabeth line ticketing

    Interesting that you say that; I thought the fares proposal seemed quite well thought-through and internally consistent. I haven't looked in huge depth as it's not my job any more but it seemed to be the key thing would be to define all the central XR stations as interavailable LU stations, and...
  13. Paul Kelly

    "Misuse" of Anytime Short Return ticket type by Transpennine Express

    This sounds wrong to me; the outward portion of an Off-Peak Return is valid for 2 days if the journey cannot be completed on the first day, whereas the outward portion of an Anytime Short Return is only valid for 1 day no matter what.
  14. Paul Kelly

    National Routeing Guide update

    Haven't looked into it but I think that one is different as it's an interavailable route? I.e. it's not technically a "cross-London" Underground journey.
  15. Paul Kelly

    Ticket print order could be more customer friendly

    I would prefer if the return portion printed before the outward, as I would then have time to put it away in my wallet while the outward is printing. I usually want to have the outward in my hand to immediately operate the barriers, so it would be more convenient if it printed last!
  16. Paul Kelly

    Trainline Nightmare with their mobile tickets!

    IF they did that it would be fine for the return portion, but not for the outward portion of an Off-Peak Return, which to the best of my knowledge is still encoded in the data as only valid for 1 day even though overnight break of journey is permitted (i.e. it is effectively valid for 2 days)...
  17. Paul Kelly

    Reading Travelcard - valid route to Travelcard area

    No. If that was the case then you couldn't use a Travelcard from Reading on a fast train to Paddington, which is obviously allowed.
  18. Paul Kelly

    Great Ticket Sale courtesy of Grant Shapps

    I think I might have been a bit unfair in blaming the TVM suppliers for printing the wrong ticket names. It seems the data may have only been updated with the correct names yesterday (or Monday night). Given that consumers of the data (such as TVMs) are generally only reloaded (at the most)...
  19. Paul Kelly

    Great Ticket Sale courtesy of Grant Shapps

    I'd hazard a guess that it's the machine, and it's simply using slightly out-of-date fares data. Are TVMs required to update their data daily as part of accreditation?