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  1. Nym

    What's the distinction between different types of multiple units powered by diesel fuel?

    Moderator note: split from Can modern DMU'S run at 110mph? Then what's a DMMU or DHMU? Since these are definate subsets of the DMU Class, but DEMU isn't???
  2. Nym

    IMechE Railway Challenge 2016

    Hmm, no real place to put this, so General Discussion it is... I'm not sure how long ago it actually was but the list of competitors for 2016 has now been released and for the first time it includes a manufacturer or rolling stock, rather than supply chain or contractor. The full list...
  3. Nym

    Starting University?

    After all the congratulations of A Level Results, I thought it may be pertinent to extend a remote welcome to all of us starting university this month? Myself, I am lucky enough to be returning to university for my 2nd year of a Part Time MSc. I'd also like to wish all of those luck in...
  4. Nym

    IMechE Railway Challenge

    Well, it's that time of year again, I'll post a link first up so you can know what I'm on about. The Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE), is holding the 4th year of the "Railway Challenge" this weekend at the Stapleford Miniature Railway...
  5. Nym

    24 (Season 9) Sound Effects

    In relation to the new series of '24' being set in London. One is wondering why S Stock sounds like a Los Angeles MTA Train... ? Also, apparently they operate in South East London now...
  6. Nym

    92036 Failed at WFJ US (8)

    Well, some fun shortly at Harrow and Weldstone. The 0755 off WFJ is already crush loaded without much calling at Harrow recently... Any ideas why this 'wonderful' peice of british engineering has coughed and died to be hauled odd (now) by a 66?
  7. Nym

    T&W Metro Destinations from outside T&W

    So, I have to travel up to a station in Tyneside soon, out to Pelaw and back from Jarrow... Travelling from Kings Cross, erm, Friday, is there any open ticket that I can get as a destination on say, the Super Off Peak Return? Rather than having to buy an additional ticket for the Metro service?
  8. Nym

    Basingstoke to Southampton Electrification

    I was under the impression that this was going to be dual system electrification with 3rd rail and OHLE systems in place, but having just gotten my copy of E&T they seem to be under the impression that this isn't the case. Would I be right in thinking that they're putting 2+2 together and...
  9. Nym

    Rant (Short): Isn't the DWP Wonderful

    Senior Police Officers are now apparently Warehouse Operatives, someone has put a very wrong SOC Code on this... Now, those who lecture me on looking for jobs properly need to learn how to do their job properly, this will be getting mentioned to the DWP office tomorrow responsible...
  10. Nym

    Hull Trains 1st Class

    Well, they give it loads of talk on their website the same as any other ToC, but is it worth purchasing a 1st Advance Single on a Sunday with HT (then having to get another ticket to get home) rather than getting one with EC to run straight though (about £10 more expensive)... So, what could...
  11. Nym

    New boy to Railway Photography...

    Well, my partner has now gained an interest in photographing the choo choo trains in Manchester, I took him out to the wonders of Piccadilly and some other interesting vantage points. Managed to get a few good shots currently in post production to get them looking much nicer, but here...
  12. Nym

    Another pacer killing maths thread...

    Having gained new information about EGIP's movements of Diesel stock, I'm feeling compelled to do some maths. The current pacer fleet sits at: 140 Northern: 102 ATW: 30 FGW: 8 Now, we all (I hope) are under the belief that Class 142 units cannot live past the DDA regulations, with their...
  13. Nym

    Read eBay Descriptions Carefully...

    Says it all really, some people are rather stupid...
  14. Nym

    Metrolink 3CC

    Just as idea to throw it out there... Manchester Metrolink is looking at having a core capacity of 40tph soon with the addition of 2CC but I can't see how the timetabling is going to work as it will proberbly result in a reduction in the number of services between Victoria and Piccadilly...
  15. Nym

    Photo Paper

    But unsure as to if this should be in Photography or General so I'll air on the side of caution... I'm considering purchasing some photo paper for my colour printer so I can print some photos, but just some general advice. I'd be using genuine HP paper (£15/pack!) designed for laser...
  16. Nym

    HELP! (MS Word)

    Whenever I re-open a document that I have saved, it changes random lines of text to be formatted as Level 1 in the document outline for no reason, this is not auto formatting. And can be stopped by stabbing ESC when it says, "Formatting Document" after opening it... (Word 2007) Anyone...
  17. Nym

    Virgin Trains First Class on Advance Ticket

    So, Advance Purchase tickets off Glasgow Central at 1840, what can I expect in the way of food etc. (It does indicate evening meal) but on an AP ticket what can be expected? Similarly on TPE, what freebies am I in for? (Primerally got 1st AP cos of the comfy seats and lack of errr others ;))
  18. Nym

    Buying a 16-25 Railcard W/O Driving Licence or Passport

    The title says it all really, says on that a birth cert works, but if someone goes to the desk at Newcastle with one, will they be sold a RC or given a load of excuses?
  19. Nym

    Anyone else being messed around by Graduate Recruiters?

    Well, certain companies that will remain nameless in case their HR managers are on here have kept me hanging on with no contact and changing their minds for the last three months, and some consulting firms and rolling stock manufacturers don't even provide contact details to phone / email to...
  20. Nym

    London, where to live?

    Well, I've been offered a job that means working at a number of different railway related placed in London, and several other places, such as Victoria, N Greenwich etc. and I'm wondering where I should be looking to live, since I have never live there before. I will have a takehome wage of...