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    Accused of fare evasion for a period of 10 month

    If you are going to tell them a further lie about walking from the station you had the ticket to on some occasions (which is a terrible idea by the way), then you should not post that on here. You have given enough details in these posts for TIL to identify who you are and what your case is...
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    Buffet trolleys - time they started taking cash again.

    Perhaps, but it was you who brought up being a loony!
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    Buffet trolleys - time they started taking cash again.

    It’s more the way you are articulating your point that is making you come across like that. Often for money laundering or tax evasion purposes ;)
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    St Pancras to Ashford Intl return, 2 adults 2 children, F&F Railcard

    …….. 1649005516 Thanks both. I was sure I was correct, but couldn’t find anything to back it up and it wasn’t offered correctly on the SE website, so removed my post until I had confirmation to avoid causing confusion. They don’t need to use the fare override button - just sell it in...
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    St Pancras to Ashford Intl return, 2 adults 2 children, F&F Railcard

    (Removed pending getting written clarification)
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    Is the Penalty Fares system working

    I have worked on Gatelines so I understand how you feel completely, but as difficult as it is, this is not something you need to worry about as Gateline staff. As you’ve said you are there for customer service and safety only. You should keep reporting fare evasion, as a lot more goes on...
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    What are your thoughts on the contactless card limit increasing to £100?

    Could you consider this is possibly a bit of an over-reaction? 1630333922 Your assertion that it is “easy to get scammed” is disproportionate to the amount of similar crime that actually happens. My partner did not see one case of this whilst working for the Fraud department of a bunk bank for...
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    Tube BoJ Rules

    Not sure if you’re implying the Supervisor should program the barriers - I’m only assuming LUL is similar to TOCs but in which case ticket acceptance is not controllable on site.
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    Trivia - Which principal stations close briefly overnight...

    Ashford International closes between 0200 and 0430, except on Sunday night (Monday morning) when it closes at 0130 until 0430.
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    Non-Urgent TOPS Requests

    1W06 - 175102 1W40 - 175005 1W43 - 150208+158822 1W07 - 150242+153362+914 1W09 - 175001+007 1W11 - 175003+175115 1W45 - 175003 1W14 - 175006+106 1W22 - 175111 1W24 - 150279+153926 1W26 - 158833
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    Food for Lorry Drivers

    One coach on each of the 7 trains (across the 23rd and 24th) was locked OOU with various food/drinks provisions on board, donated by station retailers, Sainsburys and other businesses in London, and unloaded at Ashford where it was stored in our offices ready for the Salvation Army and the Kent...
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    Urgent TOPS Requests

    377110 - At Selhurst, nothing allocated 377146 - At Brighton TMD, nothing allocated 387205 - At Brighton TMD, nothing allocated 387215 Location Arr Dep WTT ID East Croydon 00:41 5M43 Gatwick Apt CHS 01:20 03:30 5T98 London Victoria 04:00 04:30 1D98...
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    Non-Urgent TOPS Requests

    Location Arr Dep WTT ID Kirkby Mersysde 00:18 5D00 Kirkdale CS 00:29 06:02 5U00 Sandhills 06:05 06:06 2U00 Liverpool Cen NL 06:13 06:14 2U00 Hunts Cross 06:32 06:36 2S03 Liverpool Cen NL 06:53 06:53 2S03 Southport 07:39 07:58...
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    Non-Urgent TOPS Requests

    Location Arr Dep WTT ID Scarborough TMD 06:15 5F54 Scarborough 06:20 06:34 1F54 York 07:24 07:27 1F54 Leeds 07:57 08:00 1F54 Huddersfield 08:17 08:18 1F54 Manchester Vic 08:50 08:52 1F54 Liverpool LimeSt 09:32 11:54 1E35 Manchester Vic...
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    Non-Urgent TOPS Requests

    31-175109 32-175105 33-175002 35-175111 37-175114 38-175011 39-175005 40-175113 42-175101 44-158828 46-175108 48-175106 1K05-153309+153329 150227 on the Bleanu Ffestiniog
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    Urgent TOPS Requests

    At Selhurst with no allocation today.
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    Urgent TOPS Requests

    800001 Location Arr Dep WTT ID North Pole Iep Depot 06:28 5C70 London Paddingtn 06:36 07:04 1C70 Taunton 09:02 09:27 1A76 London Paddingtn 11:29 12:50 1W25 Reading 13:16 13:18h 1W25 Oxford 13:42h 13:44h 1W25 Worcestershire...
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    Urgent TOPS Requests

    397002 Location Arr Dep WTT ID Longsight CMD 04:34 5S30 Manchester Picc 04:46 04:57 1S30 Manchester Ox Rd 04:58 04:58 1S30 Preston 05:33 05:36 1S30 Lancaster 05:51 05:51 1S30 Carlisle 06:45 06:48 1S30 Glasgow Central 08:19 09:06 1M94...
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    Southeastern recruiting trainee drivers again

    Yes they do, subject to space being available.