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  1. py_megapixel

    Reduction in social gatherings.

    Not necessarily - though it probably does, to some extent, even if only as much as talking. I am instead stating that Christianity definitely does not spread diseases, because it is a faith. We know that viruses spread through the air, but there is no way they can spread through thought, or a...
  2. py_megapixel

    Metric / Imperial

    I personally have a far better conception of a metre than a foot, or of a kilogram than a pound. That's hardly surprising in my opinion, given I'm probably younger than most on this forum. I also don't think there's any denying that the metric system is an awful lot simpler and probably less...
  3. py_megapixel

    Reduction in social gatherings.

    Until you add a filter called common sense.
  4. py_megapixel

    How, in practice, does a wheelchair user travel on a DOO service?

    And why do you think that is? I find it hard to believe there aren't quite a number of would-be-passengers who give up on the train because DOO has made it unviable.
  5. py_megapixel

    How, in practice, does a wheelchair user travel on a DOO service?

    In which case I believe a taxi to Luton would be reasonable... but only, in my opinion, if the wheelchair user can turn up and request one there and then rather than phoning in advance.
  6. py_megapixel

    How, in practice, does a wheelchair user travel on a DOO service?

    Are either of these policies legal, technically? I was under the impression that turn-up-and-go access to the same level as able-bodied passengers was required (edit: where physically possible, obviously stations without lifts just can't provide this) Except that's exactly what wheelchair...
  7. py_megapixel

    How, in practice, does a wheelchair user travel on a DOO service?

    Something I've been wondering for a while. I know it's been a contentious topic of debate, but a lot of the coverage seems to be about the potential impacts, with very few real stories. The DOO TOCs websites are rather vague on this issue. With TOCs like Southern having a large proportion of...
  8. py_megapixel

    Trivia: Train types where significant withdrawals took place before the last ones were built

    The 707s are perhaps the most extreme example of something a little different from what OP asks, but still worthy of note. Replacements for the entire fleet were ordered before the first unit had finished pre-delivery testing!
  9. py_megapixel

    Has there ever been multiple working on the Underground?

    Several posts on the Island Line 484 thread suggest that the new D-trains for the Isle of Wight will be capable of multiple working. Which got me thinking, have units ever worked in multiple on the Underground? My definition of multiple working is two units that theoretically could operate...
  10. py_megapixel

    Reduction in social gatherings.

    Yes but they would allow a booking for 8.
  11. py_megapixel

    Reduction in social gatherings.

    Just come accross this bit of the Government website: In particular, this bit: Does this mean that a household of 8 can no longer visit a restaurant, for example, because they will be...
  12. py_megapixel

    Arriva Xc service Birmingham to Cardiff via chepstow

    They will be recieving some more centre cars for their Turbostars in the near future which should ease the capacity a bit... I believe at the end of it there will be only 6 2-car units left and hopefully someone at XC will see sense and diagram all of them as doubles... OP is right that the...
  13. py_megapixel

    Trivia: Smallest towns with more than one station

    Surely that's only the case if you count the FR and WHL stations separately, which considering that they share the same platform is rather disingenuous?
  14. py_megapixel

    Best UK Trainbow

    Which TOCs don't have a Trainbow? I think CrossCountry, West Mids, Northern among others
  15. py_megapixel

    Northern Class 195: Construction/Introduction Updates

    I've tried it... and no, you probably don't. I certainly don't want to do it again. What was wrong with it?
  16. py_megapixel

    Trivia: Smallest towns with more than one station

    St Budeaux might be a contender
  17. py_megapixel

    Worst UK train?

    ...ever been on a Pacer...? :p
  18. py_megapixel

    East Midlands Railway livery and station branding

    Seems daft to me that they should bother with repainting an entire fleet which is going to be replaced in the next few years anyway at all, let alone with materials that are apparantely lower quality than what they're replacing! Oddly they seem to have retrospectively added the Stagecoach style...
  19. py_megapixel

    Boris Johnson suggests distancing rules should be enforced "Covid Marshalls" in towns and city centres as seen on “twitter”

    Sorry, in any other situation I'd have worked that out; I'm just so used to posters everywhere saying "Help us keep you safe" that I don't even consider correcting the word "safe" anymore! I can see why the MetroCentre might want someone checking that people are following the rules, but I doubt...