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    Cost of Possessions

    Hi, I appreciate there is no simple answer to this question, and about half an hour of internet searching hasn't really brought up much more. But what is the cost of Network Rail taking a possession on the network for renewals, enhancements and maintenance? From what I can understand there are...
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    Have your tickets been checked on your journey?

    Moderator note: Split from Travelled with Avanti between Holyhead and Euston today, changing at Crewe. Tickets checked onboard both services by Train Manager
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    Trackside Safety

    Admins please move to a more appropriate location if needed Some of you may remember I posted a few months back asking about specific aspects of the rail industry which could be improved for a University Product Design project. This work continues and my current avenue of thinking is improving...
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    why is there a limit on how many units can work in multiple?

    Why is there a limit on how many units can work in multiple? Is it something to do with some systems operating between them or something else? Would be grateful to anyone who knows
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    Holyhead Depot

    Hi all, Im aware that Transport for Wales operate a small depot at Holyhead on the Isle of Anglesey and I know there’s no allocation as such. What sort of work is undertaken there? Refuelling I guess but anything more than that? Many thanks
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    Crewe-Chester shuttle allocation 23/12

    Hiya, Does anyone know what’s booked to work the Crewe - Chester shuttle today?
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    Speed on entrance and exit from termini

    Hi all, Just wondering what the speed limit for trains (in particular sprinter types or loco hauled) would be entering a terminus station? In addition what would speed signs read on the exit from the terminus station? Many thanks
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    Chalfont and Latimer to Aylesbury

    Hi all, A family member is looking to travel from Chalfont and Latimer to Aylesbury using the Chiltern Railways service, although we’re not sure how ticketing works for this: - Oysters are not valid beyond Amersham - She can buy a ticket online but can’t collect it from Chalfont and Latimer as...
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    Did Class 37s ever work Cardiff to Holyhead back in Arriva Trains Wales days?

    Did class 37’s ever work the WAG train for Arriva Trains Wales? A friend of mine seems to think they have with Arriva Mk2s but I’m sure it has only been 57s and 67s. I know they have worked (and will be working again) on the Rhymney line but didn’t think they had on the WAG. Any information...
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    Does anyone know what this service is?

    Hiya, Been browsing RTT for my local station and come across this service. Anyone know what it might be? Runs from Arpley Sidings to Bangor, back to Llandudno Junction, to Holyhead and then back to Arpley Sidings? Never seen it before and haven’t been able to find anymore information. Thanks...