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    Ambassador Interview

    Hi,has anyone had an interview for Ambassador recently(last year before covid etc).Does the hiring manager ask the usual sort of questions etc. Tell me how you work alone or in a team,what you've done well recently sort of thing.
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    Customer Ambassador 2

    I see that there is a position for a customer ambassador 2 role at Dorchester South.As a local station to me I've never known this position ever being in place at the station. Anyone know anything about the Ambassador role.
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    MB2 stores

    Hi,has anyone any info for this role please. I've done goods inwards,stock control and have driven forklifts for over 30 years. Would this help in an application for this kind of role or not.
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    CB1 Train Presentation

    Hi,has anyone got an insight into this role please. How many staff & how long would it take a gang to clean say a 159. Also what is a normal shift pattern in a 37 hour week.
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    Commercial Guard Yeovil

    These jobs at the Yeovil depot have been advertised again. Does anyone know if they were never filled during the 1st intake back in October.
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    Salary of a gwr carriage cleaner

    Can anyone advise as to the salary for a Gwr carriage cleaner on permanent nights. Any shift allowance etc. Also how many people would work a night shift and how many trains would be expected to be cleaned. Exeter depot. Thanks.
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    Commercial Guard at Yeovil Junction

    Hi all,I was just wondering if anyone on here is or knows if these jobs have all been filled or have started in the role. The latest advert disappeared last week even though it was not due to close until January 31st.
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    G P R on SWR

    Hi all, I was just wondering what the main duties were for a General Purpose Relief position for SWR. Thanks.