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    The Tunnel, Sky Atlantic.

    That is what came to my mind.
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    The Tunnel, Sky Atlantic.

    Could have been Season 2 episode 7 then.Was definitely towards the end.
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    The Tunnel, Sky Atlantic.

    I have just watched the final episode of Season 2 of the above.In one part two members of the cast are on board a Sleeper....presumably in Europe, as the series is based around the Eurotunnel......and very swish it is too. The saloon had a walk up, over the counter licence bar(drinks only, no...
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    Italo AGV "Ferrari Train".

    Channel 5 Monday 19th October.1900hrs. "Building the Ultimate Super Train".....a look at Europe's latest passenger train, the Italo AGV.
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    London & South West Railway

    Any suggestions where I might be able to obtain a print of the rail map of the above system around about 100 years ago? Would like it for framing approx. 30"x18".
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    General reminiscences about train to ferry travel

    Barry pier had a railway station to connect with the Bristol Channel steamers.Last used for rail/steamer traffic in October 1971.Now dis-used.
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    Severn Tunnel Junction - Pilning High Level Car Transport Service

    I am actually in that documentary on BBC4. It was me who met Sabrina as an eight year old!!
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    Severn Tunnel Junction - Pilning High Level Car Transport Service

    The P.&A.Campbell steamer sailings by the famous 'White Funnel Fleet" between Birnbeck Pier and Penarth were only seasonal, normally starting on Maundy Thursday and finishing mid October. After 1956 Cardiff was the HQ of the company.It did not have a pier, but two floating pontoons at the end of...
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    Trivia; best hotels for rail views?

    Have stayed in nearly all of them, and as previously stated about 90% of the hotels in Germany belonging to the InterCity chain have excellent views.Especially if you ask reception for a "room with a view"if they have one available of course.
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    New rules for travel to the EU from 1st January 2021

    Thank you.....I am in the same boat as you with a March 2021 expiry.
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    39 steps. Hitchcock film

    For any paddle steamer fans on the forum the opening scenes on the lake show a superb model of the paddle steamer "Devonia" belonging to the famous White Funnel Fleet of P.&A.Campbell Ltd.,Bristol.
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    New rules for travel to the EU from 1st January 2021

    Is this because you think there may be another lockdown?
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    ATW "WAG" Premier Service Mk2s

    Excellent news....thank you.
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    ATW "WAG" Premier Service Mk2s

    Off topic maybe, but is this service still in existence?
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    Wuppertal Schwebebahn services suspended

    I find Wuppertal and environs a very interesting area.
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    All line Rover - when the dust settles

    No Brainer!!.....especially when you get outbound/inbound travel in your country of residence.
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    Knoydart Ferry

    You should get a good view of the Knoydart peninsular from the Skye ferry. The sleeper will normally wait for the 1815hrs....very rarely late though.
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    Knoydart Ferry

    It is worth doing,no question,but I personally would not chance it. Go across and back{non landing}to Skye on the Cal Mac ferry?
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    Harz Mountain Railway,Germany.

    Well played...….thank you very much.
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    European Day or Short Trips

    DAY ONE :South Wales to Freiburg(S.W.Germany)via Eurostar. DAY TWO :Freiburg to Interlaken. Paddle Steamer cruise Lake Thun/Lake Brienz(Interrail Pass accepted) Interlaken to Freiburg. DAY THREE :Freiburg to South Wales via Eurostar. Do this 3/4...