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    Best lines to drive/travel

    Yesterday, I travelled from Paddington to Truro. I have to sat that even though I have travelled over the sector hundreds of times, there is no better line to travel over than Exeter - Newton Abbot. Yesterday the view of the four cruise liners sheltering in Torbay (Including the Queen Mary...
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    Remaining single lines with traditional token working.

    Yes St Erth St Ives still uses a token. If you are fortunate enough to travel on the morning run from Penzance to St Ives you will see the hand over at the signalbox in St Erth and during the final run of the day from St Ives back to Penzance.
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    Bleakest / loneliest mainline station

    Carstairs - stuck there one dismally windy, rainy cold late evening as part of my all line coverage. I was mentally begging the passing trains to consider stopping to pick me up to take me back to Glasgow. When my train came around the curve from Edinburgh I was so relieved. Never been so happy...
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    Don Coffey cab rides removed

    I'm a huge fan of cab ride videos from all over the world. If you have the right programme (app) you can copy the videos very easily. Presently on Youtube RailMart has some excellent videos. They start with an announcement that the videos are not for training or route learning purposes. Today I...
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    GWR First Class coaches for staff only?

    Got to say I had a good giggle at that reply. Though to be honest it's not actually the person "on the ground" that makes these rules or has any say in how they are decided upon. They are expected though to implement the rules no matter how impractical they may be. They don't always have the...
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    GWR First Class coaches for staff only?

    I, along with a number of others experienced the same at Paddington on the 6th September, after we had all settled down, in socially distanced seating, and had been advised by one member of staff that the seats were Ok for 1st passengers. 3 mins later the guard/conductor told us all to move to...
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    Least popular journeys made between two stations served by a direct train? Based on tickets sold?

    Surely the most pointless journey has to be from Lelant Saltings to Lelant? The only service is now the 07:53 ex St Erth. arriving at Lelant at 07:52. By the time you have asked for the train to stop at the request stop at Lelant and paid for your ticket, the train would have arrived. Then you...
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    Trivia: Smallest towns with more than one station

    Lelant. Saltings and the main station. Some would say that Lelant is a village but in recent years housing has grown so much that it is now almost a town.
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    Hydroflex - testing

    How much heat energy is expelled into the atmosphere per unit burned compared to say methane, gasoline, diesel, or heat energy expelled from an electric engine? It's not just about CO2 emissions.
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    Railway “Seat Guru”

    It's a great idea and I would like it a lot as I do prefer to have a window seat with a table facing forwards. I do foresee one problem which I have come across before and that is when a train unexpectedly has been reversed, and so as is frequently normal with the first class at the front of the...
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    In between flying to London from Port Moresby via Brisbane and Doha. At the time of writing I'm in Doha. Chatting to a fellow transfer in Brisbane I was told of the Public Heath locator form that I had to submit. I'd not been told of this form by the travel agent, the airline (Qatar Airways with...
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    Don Coffey cab rides removed

    It all seems strange given that even Great Western published a cab ride to celebrate the final HST ride from Plymouth to Paddington a few weeks back. It seems to me that the only difference is that Don gives some excellent commentary during his video's. All over Youtube there are hundreds of...
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    Don Coffey cab rides removed

    Such a shame. I'm a massive fan of cab rides especially being so far away from home. Lets hope someone sees sense very soon.
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    Stonehaven derailment

    Thoughts very much at this time with all and especially with the one up front: The driver. We forget, that at times like this, it's the driver who faces the most immediate dangers.
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    Your first experience of foreign train travel

    A winter skiing holiday in Switzerland in 1971. I flew to Geneva, and took the train from the City station as the airport line didn't exist at the time to Martigny and then on the line towards Chatelard and Chamonix to Les Marecottes. Glorious line. Wonderful first overseas train travel experience.
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    Am I lucky with viruses?

    I don't think the work should be 'lucky'. Fortunate would be the more appropriate word. I have never seemingly succumbed to a virus. Maybe a mild virus with the occasional bout of three day flu. I've never had a flu jab ever. Honestly. Though for most of my working life over the last forty...
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    Most Interesting, Most Nostalgic, Most Boring, Most Hated

    This could turn out to be an excellent thread: Most Interesting: Junctions. Some might find this weird, but ever since I was a child, I have always found junctions fascinating. Travelling over a junction and seeing the line we are not travelling over disappear to some other place. I think it is...
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    Stations to avoid and why

    Another station to avoid if possible is Plymouth. It's well overdue for an up-grade especially on the platforms. Changing at Plymouth if you are heading to or from Cornwall is not a pleasant experience. The waiting rooms are seriously out of date and there is nothing on the platforms for a...
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    Stations to avoid and why

    I am old enough and too long in the tooth to be aware of the diffference.
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    Trump’s obsession with hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for Covid-19

    Captain Trump of the Titanic: There isn't any iceberg. There was an iceberg but it's in a totally different ocean. The iceberg is in this ocean but it will melt very soon. There is an iceberg but we didn't hit the iceberg. We hit the iceberg, but the damage will be repaired very shortly. The...