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  1. Mojo

    How many people have symptomatic Covid in the UK right now?

    As part of the ONS survey they do however ask participants whether they are suffering any symptoms (and ask them to say what from a list) - so the data would exist as they are collecting it.
  2. Mojo

    Delays due to "train cancellations"

    In a fashion it's not daft advice, after all Chiltern also serve West Ruislip (potentially serving a Met line destination Ruislip / Ickenham and also useful for bus connections to Uxbridge), as well as Denham / Gerrards Cross / Beaconsfield that aren't too far from Uxbridge / Rickmansworth /...
  3. Mojo

    Pancake day

    It isn’t actually real butter.
  4. Mojo

    New lockdown in England, including school closures, announced by Johnson, 4/1/21

    And as if by magic since posting my reply, the latest data has come out which shows that significantly more LFTs are now being carried out than PCR tests. From BBC NEWS Live (so no link available)
  5. Mojo

    New lockdown in England, including school closures, announced by Johnson, 4/1/21

    Certainly round here, Asymptomatic testing seems to be the most common source, with the council having six sites across their area, some of which only opened in the last few weeks. The number of companies eligible for this testing was also increased recently. Looking at the Gov website it seems...
  6. Mojo

    Pancake day

    Just cheap spread. It’s available in various shops under names like Just For Cakes, or if it’s cheaper then “soft spread” in various shops.
  7. Mojo

    Pancake day

    Other way round at my house. The first one was the best and I just couldn’t master the right amount of batter for the rest. The last one is always the worst for me because you either end up with too much, or not enough batter, depending how much is left in the jug at the end. I always use baking...
  8. Mojo

    Advice on gate line procedures anyone?

    A green button that is key operated (it can either be locked to be active or deactivated) was retrofitted to one or two gates (normally the wide aisle gate) where the normal standing position for staff is on the opposite side of the gate from where tickets are inserted / smartcards are scanned...
  9. Mojo

    Advice on gate line procedures anyone?

    It isn’t. At the outlying and quieter stations it is very common for the gates to be monitored by staff in the office. Each station has its own assessment of how the gates should be monitored.
  10. Mojo

    Important Pension notice

    This took place in April 2016 when contracting out of the Additional State Pension ended. As part of the changes introduced from the start of the 2016/17 tax year, employer NI contributions increased by 3.4%. As part of this, employers were allowed to investigate options to recoup the extra costs.
  11. Mojo

    Met Line fasts

    Yes the Fast and Semi-fast trains are still running. You can see them in the Working Timetable available for download at the TfL website: This is in addition to those used for service recovery / late running. As well as at...
  12. Mojo

    Pancake day

    I didn't get my American holiday last year; I really missed this :( With lashings of syrup on top too!
  13. Mojo

    Pancake day

    They’re the thicker “breakfast” style pancakes, as opposed to the traditional ones eaten in the UK (that I thought were for dinner).
  14. Mojo

    Pancake day

    I’m surprised by the number of people I’ve seen on social media who consider that the time to eat pancakes today is as either breakfast / brunch or as the dessert for their dinner (evening meal). Whilst I’m quite partial to nice thick buttermilk American pancakes for breakfast, these seem to be...
  15. Mojo

    Happy pancake day

    Happy pancake day
  16. Mojo


    I always suspected that the reason the coins that I got as change ended up in the checkout in the first place was because the similarity of the coins.
  17. Mojo


    I remember when I was younger getting Channel Islands coins quite regularly in my change from shops and always having a disagreement with the staff when I asked it to be exchanged for a UK coin. They almost always used to argue back and ask what the problem was “because it has the Queen on the...
  18. Mojo

    List of 'between line' connections?

    “St Mary’s Curve” Joined the ELL just south of Whitechapel station:
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    You don’t get an alert if you have ignored a previous alert for that thread.
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    Your walks

    Been on two walks this weekend. Yesterday was to the Black Park which I really liked; don’t think I’ve been to a pine woods before, it almost looked like some of the forests I’ve seen in Canada or USA! I also got a shot of a really cool ice formation at the side of a road near Iver.