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  1. Class 466

    Southeastern Highspeed Drivers

    Southeastern have listed three vacancies on their website for Highspeed Drivers based in Kent. The Salaries are all listed as £50,167. Ramsgate...
  2. Class 466

    Southeastern 375/3 First Class Query

    It is a well known fact that Southeastern's 375/3s have First Class at only one end, until now it seems. 375303 has had first class headrest covers put in at the opposite end to the FC Area... And then today I noted 375302 now has exterior First Class Branding on both ends, yet one end is still...
  3. Class 466

    Medway Valley line Units Today

    Today on the Medway Valley line we had: 465187 Maidstone west shuttles 465021 SOO-TON 2x 466s SOO-TON :)