Trivia: Easily confused station names

LSWR Cavalier

Established Member
23 Aug 2020
Leafy Suburbia
Sometimes I do not fix the name of a station in my head, but an image, Berlin Zoo = elephants and giraffes. Quite possibly I would get off at Tiergarten, animal park, by mistake.
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RailUK Forums

Whisky Papa

8 Aug 2019
Got stopped by a US tourist near the tube at Kings Cross asking how to get to Leicester. Seems a no-brainer, cross the road and get on an EMR fast northwards, until I somewhat later remembered the American habit of completely ignoring suffixes like "Street", "Road"... and "Square" :oops:

This habit seems to reach ridiculous heights on the "L" network in Chicago, where there are three stations called simply "Chicago" on the N side of the city centre where their different lines cross W Chicago Ave.

At least these are in vaguely the same part of the city - there are four "Kedzies" spread over vastly different areas of the W side of the city where different lines cross N Kedzie Ave or S Kedzie Ave. In addition to these, the Blue line crosses both in its U-shaped course, but at least has the southern crossing labelled as Kedzie-Holman and the northern one as an almost-descriptive Logan Square. Oh, and while it is consistent with the overall scheme, who would guess "Davis" is the central stop for the adjacent city of Evanston?:s