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    Llangollen Railway appoints receivers

    I agree but the problem is if the company had no assets it would have been unable to raise any cash/capital to fund the company investments (eg the engineering machinery). Also they would have a really poor credit rating for any potential creditors doing a financial checks. This can be got round...
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    Your first car

    My first car was a 1989 Renault 21 GTS, my Dad bought it in 1993, I learnt to drive on it in 1995, then bought it off my parents in 2001 when I finished Uni, then owned it until 2005 when it had done 215k. I sold it on ebay to a guy who exported it to Romania for spares. In 2003 someone drove...
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    Llangollen Railway appoints receivers

    Re the use of DMUs as hauled stock, they aren't really designed to be used as hauled stock and to do so regularly would require removal of the drive shafts to avoid damage to the gearboxes.
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    Class 31 on the move

    Assuming reasonable working condition, somewhere around £50k+, if it is a mainline runner then considerably more. Depends on demand as well, the price of class 37s and 73s went up quite a bit when Colas and GBRF respectively were in the market for a number of locos.
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    TRIVIA: Operators (other than LT) with bespoke vehicle designs

    Technically lots of Lothian is bespoke/specified for them because they seem to be one of a very few operators keen to keep using Volvo chassis: - New Enviro 400 bodied 2 axle Diesel Volvo double deck chassis (yes there are some in London/Stagecoach but they are Hybrids) To further clarify, these...
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    Summer 2021 HST Staycation Specials on S&C

    I would have been interested if it was proper Traction like last year but not on an HST I am afraid...
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    First Greater Glasgow

    It just comes in the city form, there are no E400EVs with BYD running gear in the standard MMC bodywork
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    BR Rail Blue and Yellow Preservation Stock

    The loco is as per the condition it was repainted into during the mid 90s and the nameplate were black at that time.
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    LNER Class 91/Mk4 service status/withdrawals/2021 refurbishment

    Neither was the great train robbery the fault of 40126. Maybe it is coincedence but a loco involved in 2 very major fatal accidents being preserved as a reminder is not really desirable
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    LNER Class 91/Mk4 service status/withdrawals/2021 refurbishment

    I would imagine the history associated with 91132 would add some weight to the decision to scrap it, 40126 was scrapped very quickly after withdrawal to deter souvenir hunters and avoid any attempts to preserve it.
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    Steam or Diesel Train Tour?

    Pair of class 37s would be preferred, would love to see a pair of class 25s on the mainline. Have done loads of steam hauled trains as a kid, so I have no interest in steam rail tour but would choose one of those over an EMU, HST or any 2nd gen or later DMU
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    Wensleydale Railway ‘clear out’

    Yes , 37503 has had a lot of body work done on it, lots of one side has been repanelled.
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    Wensleydale Railway ‘clear out’

    According to the WNXX news page a private site at Kinsley, apparently there are 4 track panels being installed for 37503, 60050, 60086 and possibly 31454
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    Wensleydale Railway ‘clear out’

    Part restored 37503 has also left the WR according to WNXX
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    Old railway carriages repurposed for other uses.

    I had a look at these while passing a few years ago, the aircon is original as they are MK2F stock.