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Good luck for tomorrow, remember STAR model (add the plus if you can) try getting assessing threat harm and risk in.
have you ever dealt with a stressful situation?
What attracted you to the role?
As a train driver we have to work within the rules, when have you ever had to break a rule?

All I can remember
I just heard a horn somewhere out of my house. I'm sure it's a train horn since I live somewhere near railway tracks, but this time, it sounded different from a Class 508/507. It blew about six or seven times. Class 777 on test perhaps?
tetudo boy
tetudo boy
But then again, they don't usually go on test in the daytime, so I don't know what it is.
tetudo boy
tetudo boy
No, but I'm sure it was another train. Due to privacy reasons, I choose not to reveal my location directly.