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    Gaelic railway blog: Trèanaichean, tramaichean is tràlidhean

    Hi all, for any Scottish Gaelic speakers or learners out there who are interested in railways, I have been doing a Gaelic railway blog for few years. I started looking at Scottish railways as I tried to visit them all but now that I've visited all railways...
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    East Links Family Park narrow gauge railway.

    Yes, it is diesel. Here are a couple of pictures I took there a few years back:
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    Bellahouston Park Halt

    Thanks hexagon789! It looks like the Railscot site has updated this page recently as it didn't have such a detailed picture the last time a looked just a few months ago!!
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    Bellahouston Park Halt

    Does anybody know where Bellahouston Park Halt in Glasgow was? It was a temporary halt on the Paisley Canal Line which served the empire exhibition in 1938. I live very close - near Dumbreck Station and was wondering if anybody knew where it was and if anybody has ever seen any pictures of it...
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    Cancelled train - who refunds? (Dispute with retailer!)

    Thanks all! Great advice. In the end Splitmyticket kept on asserting that the TOC should pay, however RailEasy got back to me and said they'd give me a full refund. Very strange! Alasdair
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    Cancelled train - who refunds? (Dispute with retailer!)

    Hi all, I have a trip booked tomorrow from Penzance to Glasgow which includes one Anytime ticket and two Advance tickets and which has now been cancelled. I ordered the tixx via Splitmyfare. They sent me a email on Friday saying that the trains have been cancelled and to contact them (well...
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    Advance Single refund policy

    @221129 You are absolutely correct! They directed me back to the retailer as I strongly suspected they would. I'm going to rebook now. Raileasy said that even though I couldn't travel in the booking window, it was worth rebooking for the furthest away date and they could then rebook again...
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    Advance Single refund policy

    Hi all! The plot thickens! I ordered the tickets out with RailEasy and the tickets back from Split my Fare. I asked if I could get a credit note or a travel voucher. Both said they were unable to issue these as only TOCs could do so but offered me a free rebooking. However, Split my Fare...
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    Glasgow Subway New Driverless Trains

    Hopefully the automated trains will mean a full Sunday service. You can get a good view of them and of the test track from the road. I've seen the trains moving once and I managed to get a few snaps a few weeks ago: I...
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    Advance Single refund policy

    Thanks @Haywain! That clears things up. Usually the Scottish Government stuff is clearer. Having said that I've still not found the exact rules from the Scottish Government about the new tier system. The main report is easy to find but not the actual subordinate legislation that will bring it...
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    Advance Single refund policy

    Hi all, this thread is really useful - thanks! I'm very interested as I have £250 worth of advance tickets for travel from Glasgow to Cornwall next Wednesday, returning the following week. I live in Glasgow and it's expected that we will be in a tier 3 lockdown next week. Unfortunately this...
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    Railway blog in Scottish Gaelic - Bloga rèile ann an Gàidhlig na h-Alba

    Just a note to say that if there are any Gaelic speakers or learners on here that I have a railway blog - Trèanaichean, tramaichean is tràilidhean (trains, trams and trolleys): If you don't speak Gaelic, there are still some pretty pictures - or you can check...
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    Glasgow Airport Metro system gets council leader approval

    Are there any specific papers or details on the Paisley-Airport tram proposal? I’ve done a bit of Googling but I can’t find much. I hope this goes ahead. The distance between Paisley Gilmour Street and the airport is only just over a mile so it doesn’t seem very viable unless it’s expanded...