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    Felixstowe freight workings at night time

    The route via Ely is closed every 6 weeks or so for engineering work. Night freight should be back to normal next week unless there is a 2nd week of closures which sometimes happens.
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    Freightliner East Mids Gateway - Felixstowe | Odd Routing this week?

    Nothing bizarre as happens every 6 weeks or so while there is engineering work on the normal route.
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    “Train Stopped in the Incorrect Position”

    This is actually quite correct...though the SPAD was not the train in question.
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    Driver's annual leave

    I work for a FOC and rostered leave is issued on the holiday roster. However you can swap with other people or change to unused weeks. I have heard some places have the leave rostered into the working roster but I imagine you can still change/swap if needed.
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    Freight terminal electrification prototype.

    From a container terminal perspective... A diesel shunter costs in the region of £50-60k per year to rent and depending how much shunting you do you are only filling it up every couple of weeks. Berthing a train with a diesel shunter is also much quicker because as soon as the train is stopped...
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    Help answering questions

    Job security and/or job stability would be an answer. Avoid saying you like trains or want the big pay packet.
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    Starcross ferry discrimination?

    "literally useless"? Logic would dictate any form of barrier in front of ones face probably has a small percentage of being mildly useful...if not then why (pre covid) did we bother to cough into our hands?
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    Lightening strikes affecting signalling in March area 20/7?

    Affected Manea, Stonea and Three Horse Shoes. Might be absolute block but still a lot of electrical equipment between them including signals, track circuits and level crossings.
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    What do you think about ‘pings’ because of the Track and Trace App?

    I'll say it again. The app is voluntary and being pinged by it does not mean you have to isolate....isolating from the app is entirely voluntary. The government should be shouting this from the roof tops instead of applying different rules to different types of workers.
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    Formula 1

    Nothing to do with the race director. Although he can refer things to the stewards (as can the teams) he has no say in the investigation or the outcome. With regards the stewards, they are usually different each race which is probably why there are inconsistencies.
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    Formula 1

    Should have been a stop/go penalty.
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    What do you think about ‘pings’ because of the Track and Trace App?

    with respect, your colleague didn’t HAVE to get tested and doesn’t HAVE to isolate for 10 days (unless the test happens to be positive). Everything about the app is voluntary.
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    How Often Does a Driver Forget to Stop at a Station and What Are the Consequences?

    Who mentioned trees or leaves (other than you)?