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    Walking and Rambling thread

    It was about 18 miles. For the last bit I walked down to Langsett and over the hill to Penistone.
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    Seeing forum members unexpectedly

    Does anybody else have anomia? In its severest form, you just can’t remember anybody’s name, but I’m sure I have it to some extent. So I might recognise a forum member’s face on a station, but be embarrassed to approach them as I can’t remember their name. It’s the same on forum meets: I might...
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    Where did it all go wrong for Labour?

    Quite. But that’s what people think.
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    Old sayings that you heard in your childhood.

    If someone forgot to shut the door it was ‘Were you born in a barn?’ But the intellectual step up was ‘Are you Jesus or something?’’Why?’ ‘Because…’
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    Where did it all go wrong for Labour?

    Recently, I have been talking to various people in pubs, which, evidently, I haven’t been able to do for a bit. The general opinion is that Boris is an idiot, but he’s done the vaccination programme well. Nobody mentions Labour. They have become inconsequential.
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    Reinstatement of James Watt statue with plaque explaining "dark side"

    I have just read the top article about Watt, and it wasn’t him involved in the slave trade, but possibly his dad. Now that is going too far.
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    Walking and Rambling thread

    Lovely walk from Snake Summit over Bleaklow to Penistone today. Got there on a full X57 from Sheffield, which is good to see. Now sat outside Spread Eagle in Penistone, £2.75 for a pint of Strongbow! Photo shows the Wain Stones - ‘Nature’s Kiss’
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    TRIVIA : Most Unusual names for bus/coach operators (current/historical)

    When I was 17 we went on a field trip to Shropshire and this firm provided the transport. I think their full name was “Salopia Saloon Coaches”. Of course we called them “Sloppy Saloon Coaches”. Don’t understand the French reference though.
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    Dented Carriages?

    Every morning on Sheffield station, as I am waiting for my train, I see the XC HST come in. The carriages seem ‘dented’ with some undulations above the window line, not smooth as you would expect. The paint is unbroken and I am not supposing for one moment there is any problem with the...
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    Stations not officially closed but with no services stopping

    On average 2019/20, 31 passengers a day, so 15/16 coming and 15/16 going.
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    Station association

    Bursledon also has direct trains to Southampton.
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    Settlement Association

    Norwood, a suburb of Rotherham, also has a St Leonard’s church.
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    Settlement Association

    Another writer, the diarist Parson James Woodforde, also lived in a Weston, but Weston Longville, near Norwich.