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    Budget 2021 discussion

    No, infinitely better for the economy to spend the money to improve road and rail connections to the point that they can offer viable journey times.
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    Logarithms and Anti-logarithms

    There is a little bit of truth to it - knowing how maths works helps you get a feel for if the answer is "about right" - which helps you avoid orders of magnitude mistakes. But doing it by hand makes it more likely that you'll make small mistakes.
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    Old age and nhs

    Then hope that our elected officials stop hindering the passage of right to die legislation.
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    Lack of Exit stamps to cause problems?

    Such as the UK, in my experience.
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    Old age and nhs

    Yes. Everyone who lives will die. However spending on the NHS (or any health spending) is intended to ensure that people have the greatest number of quality days before they die, not just to extend life at all costs.
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    A scam phone calls and emails discussion.

    That's assuming that the messages are even being sent from Google in the first place. Spammers often use a network of compromised computers to send messages that have a faked sender address. Google would only be seeing the replies coming in, not the original emails going out.
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    Why have climate change concerns suddenly increased?

    Per capita, until fairly recently the UK was one of the worst offenders. Every country has a role to play.
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    Why Amex?

    It does. Though they're pretty rare over here, slightly more common in the US. Edit: Just reading up on it, Diners Club America is basically MasterCard now.
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    Why Amex?

    It may be widely accepted, but I have never come across anywhere that accepts Amex that doesn't accept Visa/Mastercard but have come across plenty the other way around.
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    Logarithms and Anti-logarithms

    Yes (though around age 13), and no. Not even once.
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    Why Amex?

    Based on this post in another thread: Given the number of places that don't accept Amex what, in this day and age, is the appeal of Amex? Why would anyone prefer to use Amex rather than Visa or Mastercard branded cards?
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    Caledonian Sleeper

    Looks like that was made up by an quicker than usual split at Edinburgh though. Whatever went wrong was between Larbert and Perth.
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    I’m 19 and going to court

    I agree. It is doing the OP a disservice to suggest otherwise.
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    I’m 19 and going to court

    You've read it wrong. The OP said: Important point is that the message on the machine doesn't say that it will never accept cash, just that it has displayed that message when the OP has tried to use it. Further, the fact that they say: indicates that they know it is possible to pay using...
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    Things that used to be common place in people’s homes

    Which is why south-facing washing machines rock more than north-facing ones.