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    LNER via Cambridge

    Thanks for info, will keep an eye open
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    LNER via Cambridge

    Will there be any LNER diversion via Cambridge in the future?
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    Entire 800/801/802 fleet stood down for safety checks

    Does anyone know where the cracks are?
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    Your first car

    'D' Reg 1986 Ford Escort Popular Plus. Think it was a plus edition because it had a heated rear window:D
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    Online Cams

    Are there any online LIVE cam feeds for Stations around the UK?
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    GWR Castle HST diagrams

    Is there an update on the Castle 2+4 HST working diagrams anyone can point me too, particularly looking for first week October week commencing Monday 5 Oct from Plymouth. For these units run to penzance as well.?
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    Aviation Discussion

    Is there anyway to see all fight arrival and departures from London Heathrow on a particular day ?
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    Aviation Discussion

    I'm looking at a day trip from Glasgow to Barra maybe end of May early June. Looking at the timetable it seem strange to me the 2 flights out of Glasgow are timed quiet close together, 10:15 & 11:35 (01/06/20), But doing a little reading the beach is tidal which I appreciate, But would 1 off the...
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    CalMac Timetable

    Brilliant Thank You Just what we needed to continue to plan.
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    CalMac Timetable

    Would anyone know where I could get a copy of the summer timetable 2019 for the following 2 routes, Mallaig to Armadale Uig to Tarbert I just want to use in planning for next year as 2020 timetable is not available until March 2020 I did ask Calmac but they declined.
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    LNER but I have a £10 voucher to use with TrainPal hence reason
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    If you book tickets through Trainpal (1st Advance) a seat is assigned to you, you can't specify which seat or choose. Is there a way to change your assigned seat by other means ? Traveling alone would like sgl seat.
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    Refund when XC train cancelled

    Simple answer is "YES" XC are responsible for the whole journey. Use the delay repay form and send in a copy of your tickets. After advice for a similar issue I had with XC from forum members I did the above above without any problem, did have to wait about 4 weeks mind.
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    Blackpool Trams Extension to North station

    Had a look today around the area. Where when finished will it terminate?
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    TPE Nova 3 (Class 68 + Mk5s) Diagrams (no images please)

    Thanks you for that can plan a day out now.