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    Th 21/10/21 IET hits PW Trolley left on line near Challow

    I sometimes wonder who gets to be in charge of these PW gangs.
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    GWR withdraw some 800's due to cracks in yaw damper bolsters...

    Can't they weld some aluminium over the effected area? That always got my brother's car through its MOT
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    What are most trains made out of?

    Have any trains in the UK been built out of that aloominum stuff?
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    Gloucester resignalling design contract awarded

    A good high-ish speed turnout for trains going to Swindon and beyond would help. It's silly breaking from 90 or so down to 40 then having to accelerate up the hill.
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    Rail Public Service Contracts engagement announced by DfT

    Hope 'local' branding and liveries stay.
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    Tesco to increase its use of rail freight

    As a lady once said 'Just rejoice at that news'
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    Companies Using "Because of COVID" As An Excuse For Poor Service

    We had a small pebble launched at one of our front door windows back on, um, good Friday. It got boarded up and I painted it blue to go with the door but the council is still 'chaseing up' the replacement.
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    Vaccine Progress, Approval, and Deployment

    So, once the booster jabs come out, will you still be 'fully vaccinated' ?
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    Local Lockdowns after Furlough ends

    Wow, there are people who have been on furlough all this time?
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    Stations rebranded to Great British Railways design / Rail Alphabet 2

    The sign up above needs to have the lettering a centimetre or two higher with a red stripe underneath, a white gap then blue. Maybe the red can become the double arrow logo. Then it will be displaying the 'GBR' brand.
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    Heading into autumn - what next?

    Any kind of commercial business shut down before Christmas ☃️ will be catastrophic. I too would like to know what the plan is to increase the available ICU beds long term.
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    GWR withdraw some 800's due to cracks in yaw damper bolsters...

    So, what will it take to fix this? What will be the cost in £ and units out of service?
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    Heading into autumn - what next?

    I think the winter will be a disastrous. An elderly relative of mine fell and broke his femur. It was a wait of four hours for an ambulance then once at hospital a four hour wait in the ambulance to be seen.
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    GWR withdraw some 800's due to cracks in yaw damper bolsters...

    I was told, rightly or wrongly that the 40k was incorrect and that they were more like 7k.
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    Wigan to Bolton electrification officially given go ahead

    I'm guessing some cascaded stock will be used for services?