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    Max speed...

    Ah interesting
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    Max speed...

    GPS seems fairly accurate in a car, my passenger and I tried it out with them generally reading 1-2mph below my speedo reading. I have heard that all car speedos are a little optimistic, wonder why? On trains my gps works if phone is right against a window but not good otherwise.
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    Max speed...

    If you have a decent watch with stopwatch function, or can set a stopwatch on your phone, then 900 divided by the number of seconds for a quarter mile equals the speed, so 15 seconds = 60mph. Provided there are quarter mile posts to be seen and you are reasonably quick witted you can always tell...
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    Railway Touring Company

    Great, my error. Mods please delete my post#9. Apologies to RTC. Looking forward to doing a CME.
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    Railway Touring Company

    This is not good news. Doesn't Saphos have access to a few MK1 TSOs? It's bizarre that the enthusiasts are relegated to Aircon mk2's whilst the diners swelter in Mk1s and get smuts all over their food! Seems like it's now risky to consider CME or Worcester's unless one is prepared to sit...
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    Vintage Train's Rail Ex 22/96/2022

    Looks like they intend to try to run this. Just had email changing departure from Birmingham New Street to Worcester Shrub Hill......same departure time 0929am.......all attempts to contact VT has failed so hope this really does run!!!! 1655820527 UPDATE VT just called me to say there's been a...
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    Rail strikes discussion thread

    So, it seems WM trains has cancelled all Worcester trains to New St or Snow Hill on the two between strike days! Why? This decision punishes the public as much as the strike days do. Is it a political tactic to make the strike seem longer and more disruptive than it actually is? Thus turning the...
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    Wembley post-gig 18/06

    This is nothing new, I missed the end of Genesis at Birmingham NEC December 1981 due to early last trains. It's probably best if these gigs finished at 10 or even 930pm so folk can at least try to get home. Not very rock n' Roll but then neither is sleeping on a station platform! I'd be...
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    ECML Disruption 04/06/2022

    It will only get sorted when something like this disruption affects royalty or government officials (BJ?) .......I bet the mental health services would then be found to act in next to no time and the "resolution" in terms of managing the disruption would be swift....but how swift the resolution...
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    Weardale Railway reopens This is the website. Trains every Saturday till 2nd July. 20 minute journey. Hope this continues throughout the summer as I shall be up there in August.
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    70000 Britannia Saphos/Branch Line Society Tour to Windsor 3/6/22

    Hmmm..the Saphos website has both standard and first on are we talking about today's train, which was advertised as first class only? It'd be good to hear from someone who travelled to explain who sat where...
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    70000 Britannia Saphos/Branch Line Society Tour to Windsor 3/6/22

    No problem with that, it's just weird that on Saphos the diners get the mk1s with opening lights whilst those in steerage like myself will get a "coffin". Maybe Saphos hasn't finished refurbing MK1 TSOs yet? As soon as they do I'll travel with them.
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    70000 Britannia Saphos/Branch Line Society Tour to Windsor 3/6/22

    Seen some great videos of this tour on YouTube but a bit puzzled: it was billed as first class in MK1 stock yet still featured two MK2 aircon stock in the consist. Are these crew/staff accommodation? Saphos seems to rely on some Aircon stock to make up the consist for most of their tours, which...
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    Battle of Britain Memorial Flight jubilee flypasts of heritage railways

    Lancaster somewhat lower over Kidderminster today heading from West to east......more tomorrow unless rain stops play! 1654348423 Today's SVR flypast cancelled due to poor weather though it's bright and dry in Kidderminster as I write this.....the Lancaster flew up from Exeter, got as far as...